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Experience Detroit’s Arts and Culture Scene

Detroit is a city full of arts and culture, with a colorful and vibrant scene that’s unique to the Motor City. From galleries and museums to music, theater, and dance, the city is alive with creativity. This blog post will explore some of the best ways to experience Detroit’s arts and culture scene, from the most popular attractions to lesser-known gems.

The Detroit Institute of Arts

One of the city’s most iconic cultural attractions is the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Founded in 1885, the DIA is one of the top art museums in the United States, with works from around the world, including the Detroit Industry Murals by Diego Rivera and the Detroit Fountain by Alexander Calder. With more than 65,000 works of art, the DIA has something for everyone, from classic European masterpieces to modern and contemporary works. The museum hosts a variety of special events and exhibitions throughout the year, as well as art classes and programs for all ages.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) is one of the nation’s oldest and most celebrated orchestras. Founded in 1914, the DSO has long been a cultural icon of the city and has performed around the world. The orchestra performs throughout the year at Orchestra Hall, and offers a variety of education programs and special events. The DSO also hosts the annual Detroit Jazz Festival, a four-day celebration of music and culture held every Labor Day weekend.

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The Detroit Opera House

The Detroit Opera House is a vibrant venue for opera, ballet, theater, and other performing arts. The theater was built in 1922 and has seen performances from some of the world’s most famous performers, including Luciano Pavarotti and Mikhail Baryshnikov. The theater hosts a variety of performances throughout the year, from classic operas to modern musicals. The venue also offers a variety of educational programs and workshops.

Music Venues

Detroit is known for its rich music scene, and there are plenty of venues where you can experience it. From small clubs to large arenas, Detroit has something for every taste. Popular venues include the Fillmore Detroit, the Masonic Temple, and the Fox Theatre. There are also a variety of smaller venues, including the Majestic Theatre, the Magic Stick, and the UFO Factory.

Galleries and Museums

Detroit is home to a variety of galleries and museums, from the Detroit Historical Museum to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Visitors can explore the city’s rich history and culture at the Detroit Historical Museum, or visit the Detroit Institute of Arts to view world-class works of art. Other popular attractions include the Detroit Science Center, the Cranbrook Art Museum, and the Michigan Science Center.

Theater and Dance

Theater and dance are thriving in Detroit, with a variety of venues offering performances throughout the year. The historic Fisher Theatre is one of the city’s most iconic venues, hosting a variety of Broadway shows and musicals. Other popular venues include the Detroit Repertory Theatre, the Detroit Opera House, and the Hilberry Theatre. The city is also home to a variety of dance companies, including the Detroit Dance Collective, the Detroit City Ballet, and the Detroit Dance Project.

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Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Detroit hosts a variety of festivals and events celebrating the city’s arts and culture. The Detroit Jazz Festival is one of the most popular events, drawing thousands of visitors from around the world. Other popular events include Movement Electronic Music Festival, the Detroit International Festival of the Arts, and the Detroit Culture Fest.

Street Art and Murals

Detroit is home to a vibrant street art and mural scene, with colorful works of art popping up around the city. The city is home to a variety of street artists, from well-known local and international artists to emerging talents. Popular spots to check out street art include the Heidelberg Project, the Detroit Wall Project, and the Belt Alley.

Public Art

Throughout the city, visitors can find a variety of public artworks, from sculptures to murals and installations. Popular spots to find public art include the Detroit Riverfront, the Detroit Cultural Center, and the Eastern Market. The city also hosts a variety of art festivals, markets, and events throughout the year.

Live Music

Live music can be found throughout the city, from intimate jazz clubs to lively dance clubs. Popular venues include the Magic Stick, the Majestic Theatre, and the UFO Factory. The city also hosts a variety of music festivals, including the Movement Electronic Music Festival and the Detroit Jazz Festival.

Craft Breweries

Detroit is home to a variety of craft breweries, from well-known names like Atwater and Founders to smaller independent breweries. The city also hosts a variety of beer festivals throughout the year, including the Detroit Fall Beer Festival and the Detroit Beer Experience.


Experience Detroit’s vibrant arts and culture scene and explore the city’s rich history and creativity. From the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to galleries and museums, music venues, theater and dance, and street art and murals, the city is alive with culture. Visitors can explore a variety of attractions, from popular destinations to lesser-known gems, and experience the city’s unique and vibrant culture.

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