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There are so many things to do in Sandwich MA. From things for kids to things for adults only, there is something for everyone. The town has a great selection of restaurants and shops that will keep you busy all day long, but if you’re looking for more things to do in sandwich MA then the seven things listed below should be just what you need! This blog post is about 7 awesome things to do on your visit.


things to do in Sandwich MA

Why Should You Visit Sandwich MA?

There are so many awesome things to do in Sandwich MA! Why should you visit? Here are a few of the many reasons:

Sandwich MA is also home to many great historical buildings and museums, such as the Sandwich Glass Museum. You can’t miss this one!

In addition, you can check out cool sites like The Great Marsh with its scenic views or take a trip around Cape Cod by bike on the Shining Sea Bikeway, which follows an old rail trail. Don’t forget about our awesome beaches too! Soak up some sun at Silver Beach and Head of the Meadow Beach before exploring downtown Sandwich, where quaint shops and fantastic restaurants await.

There are some great festivals in town that take place throughout the year, and there’s always something going on at one of Sandwich MA’s great theaters.



Heritage Museums & Gardens

1.   Heritage Museums & Gardens

The Heritage Plantation of Sandwich (100 acres), previously the Heritage Plantation of Sandwich The Heritage Museums and Gardens, is one of the most popular attractions in all of Sandwich. There are more than 100 acres full with gorgeous flowers, plants, and other items.

The public garden, which features the world’s most comprehensive rhododendron collection developed by Charles Dexter and over 1,000 varieties of daylilies, is complemented with three gallery buildings containing a world-class automobile collection, American folk art, and a working 1919 carousel and rare carousel horses. You can observe a variety of birds and other animals in the gardens.

There are numerous rotating exhibits and displays at the museum, the majority of which are located outside. They’ve had a nineteenth-century carousel, toy exhibits, and even sculptures about some of the local insects.

Heritage Museums & Gardens is a wedding- and event-venue option with its beautiful gardens and distinctive exhibits. In front of the dramatic flume fountain, exchange your vows. Outside the J.K. Lilly Automobile Gallery, you may enjoy cocktails on the patio. In the labyrinth, take photos among the car collection or on a restored antique carousel. Dine beneath a tent on a huge emerald-green lawn or in a spacious private room set aside just for you and your loved ones.

This lovely park is nestled along the harbor, making it one of Sandwich’s most breathtaking areas.

Take in the beautiful vistas and watch the ships on the water while sitting and relaxing in a park. This is a lovely time to spend with your children if you’re traveling as a family!

The park was acquired by the municipality in the 1980s and is a popular site for residents and visitors. Sandwich, Massachusetts, has a lot of great things to do, including buying some delicious snacks or prepare yourself a picnic meal right in the park.

This house is one of the oldest in Massachusetts. Therefore it’s one attraction in Sandwich you won’t want to miss out on. The home was constructed in the 16th century, and a family of thirteen children once lived there!

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The home’s interior has been entirely refurbished, so it feels authentic, like you’re stepping back in time when you walk through the doors. You’ll even discover antiques that appear to be from the 17th century.

The museum isn’t excessively large when compared to the majority of other museums in the region, so you shouldn’t spend more than an hour or two here.

The 100-acre Heritage Museums & Gardens features a fantastic vintage automobile collection in a Shaker-style round barn, an authentic 1908 carousel (rides free with admission), and unusual folk art collections for both children and adults. The grounds also include one of the most beautiful rhododendron gardens in the United States, which is spectacular from mid-May to mid-June when it is filled with ‘bikers.’ You’ll have a chance to experience both adrenaline and romance at the Adventure Park.


Sandwich Glass Museum

2.   Discover the Sandwich Glass Museum.

The Sandwich Historical Society and Glass Museum, located in the Town of Sandwich, is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history of Cape Cod’s oldest town. American glass manufacture has a big role in Sandwich history.

The Sandwich Glass Museum is one of the most remarkable activities to do in Sandwich, Massachusetts! This museum, which was established in the 1800s, features a variety of displays about unusual glass from around the world. There aren’t many museums like this on earth!

The Museum of the History of Sandwich now houses relics and information from the history of Sandwich and glassmaking as a whole. Collectors may examine breathtaking glass sculptures while amateur enthusiasts are greeted with stunning examples. Some people are even given the opportunity to touch some of the glass.

The museum’s main attraction is the demonstrations on glass blowing. It’s fascinating to observe someone who has been trained in this craft.

The museum’s permanent exhibits and collections of over 5,000 pieces of glass combine traditional and cutting-edge technology glass. They include the Color & Chemistry exhibit, which depicts rural New England at the start of the Industrial Revolution, as well as the Multi-Media Theater and Levine Lighting Gallery.

Throughout the year, special exhibits are scheduled. This museum, like others in the region, hosts a variety of activities throughout the year, so keep an eye on their event list if you’re visiting.


Town Neck Beach

3.   Town Neck Beach

A great place to swim, fish, and watch vessels go through the Cape Cod Canal is this easily accessible beach. At high tide, there is a boardwalk that is ideal for jumping off. Towns Neck is lovely and makes for a lovely day out.

Town Neck Beach, which is known for its beautiful boardwalk, is a fantastic location to sun, swim, kayak, and watch boats enter and depart the Canal.

Long, skinny beach with a variety of sand types from gritty to pebbly. There’s a stunning view in every direction you look, and the water is generally quite relaxing.

The Boardwalk is a popular gathering place for teens, and the saltwater creek beneath is an excellent location for small children to splash and grown-ups to float on blow-up boats.

At low tide, with tidal pools and enough space to spread out, Town Neck Beach is wonderful for small children. It can be rocky at times, so bring your finest beach shoes.

The Sandwich Boardwalk goes along the marsh to Town Neck Beach. At high tide, youngsters and intrepid tourists alike enjoy leaping off of it into the water.


Sandwich Fish Hatchery

4.   Sandwich Fish Hatchery

Another of the enjoyable and inexpensive things to do in Sandwich, especially if you’re visiting with kids, is the Sandwich Fish Hatchery. Take a self-guided tour of the hatchery to see Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Tiger Trout in various stages of development. Bring some quarters so you may feed the fish.

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This hatchery is located a few miles off Route 6A on Cape Cod and is used for both public and private education. It specializes in rearing various species of trout and other freshwater fish.

The Sandwich Hatchery is run by MassachusettsWildlife. Every year, Massachusetts waterways are filled with about 600,000 Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Tiger Trout during spring and fall stocking seasons. You can watch trout grow from larva to adult at the hatchery.

There’s plenty of parking, and it is open daily from 9 am to 3 pm.


Sandwich Boardwalk

5.   Sandwich Boardwalk.

This forested boardwalk, which is mostly skipped by tourists, extends for a beautiful 1350 feet across a marsh to Town Neck Beach. The beach itself is rocky, but it’s ideal for walks and beachcombing.

Turn right at the beach to make a 1.5-mile loop along the shoreline, then retrace your steps along the creek back to the boardwalk. There is a $15 parking fee in July and August; otherwise, it’s free.

The Sandwich Boardwalk is a must-see attraction in the seaside town of Sandwich, Massachusetts. It was built in the nineteenth century when it was first erected, but it has gone through numerous modifications over time to keep up with changing weather patterns.

Because it is one of Sandwich’s most peaceful locations, it is regarded as one of the finest vistas. You can see out to the nearby region and beautiful body of water from a position on the boardwalk and lookout. What’s not to adore?

Today, as you walk the recently reconstructed 1,350-foot boardwalk, you’ll see amusing sayings, memorials to lovers, family members, and dedications to boats. The walkway’s viewpoint is perhaps more significantly worth noting for its stunning bay views of Cape Cod Bay, where you can observe the marsh grass sway against a hazy horizon.

Town Beach is home to the threatened piping plover and several species of tern, making it a popular birding destination. In order to safeguard the birds from predators, sections of the beach are off-limits during early summer and late spring.

The U.S. National Register of Historic Places has also designated the boardwalk as one of the greatest boardwalks in the nation!


Shining Sea Bikeway

6.   Bike the Shining Sea Bikeway.

The Shining Sea Bikeway is a 10.7-mile paved bike route that links North Falmouth and Woods Hole, passing through West and downtown Falmouth on the way. The former rail line that the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad used forms part of the path’s journey, adding historical significance to it. Sandwich is only a short distance from it.

The Shining Sea Bikeway runs along the old railway track of the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company, which operated service to New York and Boston from 1872 to 1965.

The trail is about eleven kilometers long and relatively flat, making it ideal for biking. You’ll pass through amazing vistas and plenty of vegetation before arriving at the end of the route beside the water.

On your Cape Cod vacation, taking a ride on the Shining Sea Bikeway is well worth the effort because you’ll be able to see sights that most tourists will not have access to.

Don’t worry if you’re not going to Sandwich with a bike; there are plenty of locations where you can rent them in the area for very reasonable rates.

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Holly Ridge Golf Course

7.   Holly Ridge Golf Course

Holly Ridge Golf Club, about ten miles south of Sandwich, is a wonderful destination for golfers of all abilities. For those who want to play a challenging round on one of the area’s most beautiful courses, Holly Ridge Golf Club provides outstanding views and demanding play. The grounds are well-maintained at Holly Ridge Golf Course, and the staff are welcoming.

Holly Ridge Golf Club is a great spot to go for your regular golf games or a new destination for you and your friends while in Sandwich.

The Holly Ridge Golf Club in Sandwich, Massachusetts, has two 18-hole courses, with 2,952 yards for a par 54 and a slope of 54. The course was designed by Geoffrey S. Cornish, ASGCA, and opened in 1967.

Holly Ridge Golf Club is a great place to go on your non-beach day or just want to get out on the golf course. The par-3 course, which has a total of 663 yards, is both fun and family-friendly. For novices and seasoned players, there’s an easy 18 holes with little resistance. You will see the most amazing scenery.




Sandwich is an excellent destination for a Cape Cod vacation. For those who want to experience the beach, there are plenty of opportunities in and around town. If you’re looking for something different, head inland to visit Sandwich’s many historical sites or take advantage of the area’s natural beauty by exploring some of its parks and preserves.

There are also numerous sporting events that happen throughout the year from golf tournaments to fishing derbies that draw visitors from all over New England.

The great city of Sandwich is a wonderful place for anyone looking for a unique Cape Cod trip or just want to get away for a while.

We hope this blog post has helped show how great it can be to spend your vacation in Sandwich.


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