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Uncovering the Quirky Side of Off the Beaten Path Atlanta

The city of Atlanta is known for its vibrant culture, eclectic dining, and diverse attractions. But Atlanta is more than the tourist-packed streets of Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Venture a bit off the beaten path and you’ll discover the quirky side of Atlanta, where there’s plenty of fun to be had in unexpected places.

Ride the BeltLine

The BeltLine is a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails and parks that connects 45 Atlanta neighborhoods. You can rent a bicycle or take a guided tour to explore the BeltLine, which offers a unique look at the city’s hipster enclaves, public art, and local hangouts. As you ride, you’ll come across unexpected sights, like the Krog Street Tunnel, a graffiti-filled tunnel that’s become a popular Instagram spot.

The BeltLine is a great way to experience the city’s emerging neighborhoods, like West Midtown and West End. Here, you’ll find a mix of old and new, with classic Southern restaurants and modern art galleries. The BeltLine also has plenty of off-the-wall attractions, like the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark, a world-class skatepark with concrete bowls and rails, and the Krog Street Market, an eclectic food hall with everything from ramen to cupcakes.

No matter how you choose to explore the BeltLine, you’re sure to discover something unexpected. So hop on your bike and take a ride—you’ll never know what you might find.

Visit the Wren’s Nest

For a dose of history, head to the Wren’s Nest, the former home of Joel Chandler Harris, the author of the Uncle Remus Tales. Here, you can tour the house, which has been restored to its 19th-century glory, and stroll through the gardens. The Wren’s Nest also hosts storytelling events and writing workshops, so you can learn about Harris’s life and work.

The Wren’s Nest is also home to the Uncle Remus Museum, which explores the history of African American folklore. You can explore exhibits on the origins of the Uncle Remus stories, their influence on popular culture, and their lasting legacy. The museum also houses an impressive collection of artifacts, including original Uncle Remus books and recordings.

Whether you’re a history buff or a literature lover, the Wren’s Nest is sure to delight. Step inside and you’ll be transported to a different era—and you’ll come out with a newfound appreciation for one of Atlanta’s most beloved authors.

Explore the East Atlanta Village

East Atlanta Village is one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. It’s home to a mix of funky boutiques, dive bars, and eclectic restaurants, including the world-famous non-profit Soul Vegetarian. Here, you can shop for vintage clothes and records, listen to live music, and sample some of the best vegan food in the city.

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East Atlanta Village is also a great place to take in some of the city’s best street art. Walk around the neighborhood and you’ll find colorful murals, graffiti, and sculptures adorning the walls. You can also check out local galleries like the Mammal Gallery, which showcases emerging artists, or the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery, which hosts immersive multimedia events.

Whether you’re looking for a unique shopping experience or a night out on the town, East Atlanta Village is the place to go. With its vibrant atmosphere and offbeat attractions, it’s the perfect spot to explore the quirky side of Atlanta.

Shop the Little Five Points

Little Five Points is one of Atlanta’s most eclectic neighborhoods. Here, you’ll find an eclectic mix of vintage stores, thrift shops, and independent boutiques, plus a variety of restaurants and bars. Take a stroll through the area and you’ll find hidden gems like Criminal Records, a record store with an impressive selection of vinyl, and Junkman’s Daughter, an eccentric shop that sells everything from taxidermy to tiki mugs.

Little Five Points is also home to a number of offbeat attractions. Check out the Star Community Bar, a dive bar that’s been serving up drinks since the 1920s, or the Variety Playhouse, a historic music venue that hosts live shows. You can also take in a movie at the historic Plaza Theatre, an independent theater that has been showing films since 1939.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Little Five Points. From vintage shops to dive bars, this neighborhood is a great place to explore the quirky side of Atlanta.

Visit the High Museum of Art

The High Museum of Art is one of Atlanta’s top attractions. The museum is home to a world-class collection of modern and contemporary art, from Monet to Warhol. You can also explore the museum’s special exhibitions, which feature works from renowned artists like Georgia O’Keeffe and Salvador Dalí.

The High Museum also hosts a variety of events and programs, including lectures, workshops, and family activities. You can explore the galleries with a “High Museum Guide,” attend a “Sketch Night” class, or join a “Let’s Make Art” workshop. The museum also offers free admission on the second Sunday of every month, so you can explore the galleries without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re an art lover or just looking for something to do, the High Museum is a great way to explore the quirky side of Atlanta. With its diverse collection and special programs, it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Visit the Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts is a one-of-a-kind museum that celebrates the art of puppetry. Here, you can explore the museum’s collection of more than 300 puppets from around the world, including Jim Henson’s famous Muppets. You can also take a tour of the museum’s production facilities, where you can watch puppet shows come to life.

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The Center for Puppetry Arts also hosts a variety of programs, from puppet-making workshops to performances. You can attend a “Puppet Playtime” class, where kids can learn how to make their own puppets, or take in a show at the Center’s theater. Best of all, the museum offers free admission for kids under 12, so the whole family can explore the world of puppetry.

From its unique collection to its interactive programs, the Center for Puppetry Arts is a great way to experience the quirky side of Atlanta. So why not take an afternoon to explore the art of puppetry? You’re sure to have a puppet-filled adventure.

Visit the Atlanta Streetcar

The Atlanta Streetcar is a modern version of the city’s original streetcar system. The streetcar runs along a 2.7-mile loop, connecting downtown Atlanta with the Centennial Olympic Park and nearby neighborhoods. The streetcar is a great way to explore the city’s historic sights, like the Fox Theatre and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site.

The streetcar is also a great way to explore some of Atlanta’s quirkiest attractions. You can hop off at the Krog Street Tunnel and explore the graffiti-filled tunnel, or take a ride to Grant Park and check out the city’s only zombie-themed miniature golf course. The streetcar also stops at the Eastside Trail, where you can explore the BeltLine’s unique sights and attractions.

So why not take a ride on the Atlanta Streetcar? It’s a great way to explore the city’s most unexpected attractions, from graffiti-filled tunnels to zombie-themed golf courses.

Take a Tour of the Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre is one of Atlanta’s most iconic landmarks. The historic theater has been entertaining audiences since it opened in 1929, and is now home to a variety of concerts, plays, and musicals. You can also take a tour of the theater, which offers an up-close look at its stunning Egyptian-inspired architecture.

The Fox Theatre is also home to a number of quirky attractions. You can explore the theater’s historic murals, which feature everything from Egyptian gods to European kings. You can also take a look at the theater’s collection of vintage signs, which includes signs from the theater’s original opening night. And don’t forget to check out the theater’s signature “Mighty Mo,” a Wurlitzer organ that dates back to the 1920s.

From its grand architecture to its unique attractions, the Fox Theatre is sure to delight. So why not take a tour and explore the theater’s quirky side?

Experience the World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola is one of Atlanta’s top attractions. Here, you can explore the history of the world-famous soft drink, from its original recipe to its global marketing campaigns. You can also take a behind-the-scenes look at the bottling process and sample more than 100 different Coca-Cola products from around the world.

The World of Coca-Cola also offers a number of offbeat attractions. Take a ride on the “Coca-Cola Polar Bear Express” and explore the Arctic Circle, or explore the “Milestones of Refreshment” exhibit, which features a collection of vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia. You can also check out the “Happy Factory” 4D movie, a whimsical look at the “secret” life of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle.

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From its fascinating history to its quirky attractions, the World of Coca-Cola is sure to delight. So why not take a trip and explore the world of the world’s favorite soft drink?

Watch a Movie at the Plaza Theatre

The Plaza Theatre is one of Atlanta’s oldest movie theaters. The theater has been showing films since 1939, and is now home to a variety of independent and foreign films. You can also catch classic films like Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or take in a mid-week matinee for just $3.

The Plaza Theatre also offers a number of unique events. Check out the “Plaza Classic Film Series,” which features classic films from the golden age of Hollywood. You can also attend a “Plaza Late Night” event, which features cult classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Room. And don’t forget to take in a “Silent Movie Night,” where you can watch classic silent films with live musical accompaniment.

From its classic films to its quirky events, the Plaza Theatre is sure to delight. So why not take a trip and explore the quirky side of Atlanta’s oldest movie theater?


From urban trails to historic theaters, Atlanta has plenty of quirky attractions off the beaten path. So why not take an afternoon to explore the city’s hidden gems? Whether you’re a history buff or an art lover, there’s something for everyone in the city’s offbeat attractions. So grab your bike and head out for a unique adventure—you’re sure to find something unexpected.