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Travel Resources

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Travel Resources


Carefully selected travel resources to help you get away for your ideal holiday.  Whether you are a solo traveler, adventure traveler, luxury holiday or family holiday, you will find these resources a great starting point to plan your next adventure.


Planning Your Trip Or Choosing A Destination



You can use this website to plan upcoming trips.  It will also give you reviews on things to do, accommodation, restaurants and it also has a travel forum where you can share experiences or ask questions to other travelers.  This is an excellent site that is packed with reviews from other travelers and a must if you are planning an ideal holiday abroad.




This is another great site for planning your holiday.  On this site, you can map out your entire journey, read about destinations of interest, read the community’s travel blogs, or create your own.  You can also discuss your travel plans in their forum to receive feedback from other members.  This is the ideal place to plan and execute your travel plans.



This is a must-have for travelers planning their trips.  You can map out an entire journey and discover a wide range of attractions or places to visit on your journey.  It is easy to use and will map out cities or places off the beaten track, a traveler’s essential companion when visiting a new place.






Budget travel airline where you can get some of the most low-cost flights by using cheapoair to cities around the world.  They often offer discounts on last-minute flights and entire holiday packages.  Their site is packed full of resources to help you plan your break if you wish to do it yourself too.  You can also arrange transfers from the airport to your destination.  This is a great site for budget travel flights and low-cost holidays.



This site offers everything from flights, accommodation, and car hire.  An excellent site to find great deals on transport and accommodation, whether it’s a city break or somewhere off the beaten track you are sure to find some gems here to arrange your perfect holiday.


Google flights

On this site, you can book flights, accommodation, create your trip, packed with things to do, and much more.  You can get some really excellent deals from this site as it offers the best deals from top providers, where you can read reviews and ratings.  Excellent site for planning a journey and comparing deals.





This is a great site for booking any sort of accommodation.  You can find some great deals here to compare prices and find the deals within your budget.  This site will also offer you the option of free cancellation with many of the listings which is great if you want to be flexible with your travel arrangements.



This site is great if traveling on a budget or if you are looking for something more luxurious.  You can also book an experience with a local host during your stay.  They offer some of the most luxurious hotels, apartments at the most affordable value.  This site is ideal for booking a unique experience in worldwide destinations.