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Discover the 8 best things to do in Aguero, Spain, from visiting ancient cathedrals to relaxing walks in state parks.  This complete travel guide covers the main reasons that attract travelers, the best time to go, and much more.

If you have not heard of Aguero, Spain, then you are not alone. A visit to the small attractive village should be on your radar. Aguero is idyllically nestled into the Los Mallos Mountains. Aguero attracts many climbers and abseilers to tackle the 900 feet high mountains, which are also known as the ninepins. One is located in Riglos and the other in Aguero.

The village of Aguero in Spain is small, and the main pull for tourists is its 12th century Santiago church. If you want to reach the church, you can take a walk up the track from the village.

Inside the amazing church, you will discover carvings of wonderful beasts and religious art. Another church worth noting is the Church in Aguero, called the San Salvador church, where you can also find amazing carvings. The carvings were crafted by Master of San Juan de la Pena, and they are said to be some of the best Romanesque carvings you are likely to find.

The mountains provide a wonderful backdrop to the village, and anywhere you go in the village they are always visible. Aguero Spain is a lesser-known destination and remains virtually un-touristy, making it ideal for getting off the beaten track without breaking the bank. You will find a budget hotel with a delightful restaurant if you wish to admire the mountains during lunch or dinner.

Visit Aguero on the 16th of August. You will discover its colorful festival, complete with theatrical productions, running for six days.



  • Aguero Spain is a small village with incredible mountains in the backdrop. It is the ideal destination off the beaten track.
  • Suppose you want to get the best from your visit. You should go between July and September. Average temperatures are 20 degrees, making it perfect for exploring with little rainfall.
  • Some of the top reasons to visit the area are its Romanesque churches, sightseeing opportunities, dramatic landscapes, and wineries.
  • In Aguero, explore the surrounding areas with incredible day trips, including Huesca Cathedral, climbing courses, and visiting the local wineries.
  • Aguero in Spain is the ideal destination for friends or family. It is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and explored.

Aguero Spain

Best Time To Visit Aguero Spain

If you are looking to get the best from your trip to Aguero in Spain, you should visit from July to September. During these times, the weather will be pleasant for exploring with little rainfall. The highest temperatures are in August, reaching 22 degrees, and you can find the lowest temperatures in January at 12 degrees.

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The climate in Aguero is oceanic, and you can experience average temperatures of 20 degrees. Aguero Spain, has the perfect temperatures for outdoor activities and exploring the ancient churches. Spain has a mild climate and is mostly dry throughout the year, attracting mostly European visitors to its popular beach resorts.


Reasons To Visit Aguero Spain

There are numerous reasons to go to this wonderful picture-postcard destination. Including excellent budget hotel options, cheapo air fares , and exploring the local sights and cuisine. Along with plenty of outdoor activities to try.


Aguero Spain. Spainish Food


When you visit Aguero explore Ermita de Santiago, the Romanesque church full of ornate carvings and religious artifacts to discover. Or explore the San Salvador church, an ancient 12th-century church full of exquisite carvings and religious art.




If you are a food lover, then trying out the local cuisine is not to be missed. You will find several bars and restaurants offering delicious seafood and local dishes.

You can try out Restaurante Liena for local Spanish and Mediterranean food, or Callejon de Belchite, offering barbeque and Spanish dishes. You can find both of the restaurants in the neighboring cities close to Aguero.




If you love the outdoors then, Aguero, Spain will not disappoint. You can find a range of activities. Like mountain climbing, abseiling, visiting the National Park in Torla, exploring a divine winery in the nearby cities, or taking a vigorous hike at Refugio de Estos. There is so much to do around Aguero for the entire family to suit all types of travelers.




8 Best Things To Do In Aguero Spain

We discovered some of the reasons to visit this wonderful village that is off the beaten track. Aguero is the ideal base for exploring the surrounding cities, restaurants, and activities. So, let’s now discover some of the amazing things you can do near Aguero.

Spanish Cathedral


1. Huesca Cathedral, Huesca

This amazing Roman Catholic church in Huesca is a popular spot for a visit. It is also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Huesca and is situated in Aragon.

On a visit to this stunning cathedral, discover the gothic architecture dating back to the 13th century. Climb the amazing tower to take in the incredible views.  But be warned, it’s a 180-stair climb, but when you reach the top, it is worth the effort.

Expect to pay roughly €5 for entry. Still, you are sure to have the most amazing time admiring the cathedral’s carvings, artwork, and gothic details.



2. Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, Torla

If you enjoy the outdoors, then visit this National Park is not to be missed. You can hike through the lush forests of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Park contains up to 5,500 ft summits, so exploring the national Park is a great day out, no matter how athletic you are.

Bring the entire family, pack a picnic, and eat at the various rest areas while surrounded by towering peaks. While hiking, you can take in the amazing flora and fauna of the Mediterranean and Atlantic when trekking through the Ordesa valley. For those who are adventurous, why not opt for the challenging 7-hour trail, where you can view waterfalls as you walk along the river gorge.

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3. Estacion Internacional de Canfranc

Suppose you enjoy visiting incredible buildings with a rich history. In that case, a visit to Estacion Internacional de Canfranc is not to be missed.

Canfranc is situated between the Spanish border and France. Discover Canfranc use to be a small fishing village near the border of the Central Pyrenees in the 19th century. The people of Canfranc decided that they should build a railway across the mountain pass.

On your guided tour you can learn about the history of the railway and the impressive building, which you will find fascinating.  Discover the adventures during the civil war and world war.

Estacion Internacional de Canfranc is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered; a visit to this incredible village and building is a must while you visit the area.



4. Bodega Pirineos

If you enjoy food and wine, then a visit to Bodega Pirineos will be the ideal day out. Bodega Pirineos is the oldest winery in the area, with a mixture of modern and traditional.

Discover the history of the winery and the area of Somontano. Get the opportunity to taste the wines which are served with delicious sausages and cheeses. It is the ideal place to spend the day out with friends and family.

Be welcomed by the friendly, knowledgeable staff, as they reveal the history of the wine, and you can sample all the wines you want during your visit.



5. Climbing Course

Do you want to explore the mountains but have no experience with climbing? Then a climbing course will be ideal. The climbing course is suitable for all levels, even complete novices, and lasts for 24 hours.

You will learn to climb in one of the world’s best places as you scale the amazing roads in the area. Your professional climbing guide will guide you through the area and provide you with the skill needed to explore the mountainous landscapes.


Overall, this climbing course is excellent for novices or those that want to brush up on their skills. It is the ideal day out for the entire family, filled with adventure.



6. Mont Rebei – Montsant (1 Day)

Do you want to explore more of the surrounding area of Aguero? Then this one-day tour to the Congost De Monte Rebei will be ideal. The area is one of Catalonia’s jewels, a gorge formed by the Noguera Ribagorçana River, crossing from north to south of Sierra del Montsec.

The guided tour of this dramatic area of Lleida includes lunch and snacks. The tour is the ideal way to explore the surrounding areas of Aguero in a comfortable guided, fully airconditioned vehicle. Making a great day out full of discovery and excitement for everyone to enjoy.



7. Wine Tasting With Signature Food And A Visit The Templar Castle Of Monzon

Exploring the surrounding areas of Aguero is easy with this exciting 10-hour tour. You will discover the eight preserved Templar castles to discover the conservation and history of Aragon. The tour will also take you to explore the Romanesque cathedral of Santa María del Romeral, a unique historical-artistic monument.

After a day of exploring the Templar castles, you will be whisked off to 1118 Gourmet, winery, and culinary place. The guide will introduce you to new flavors and smells of the five popular wines in the area. The guide will give you the explanations and history of each wine as you enjoy a glass of wine.

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Overall, this is a tour not to be missed, as you explore the Templar castles and are introduced to the local wines by an experienced guide. A day out to cherish forever.


Hiking Spain

8. Refugio de Estos

If you enjoy walking and hiking, you will not want to miss the opportunity to discover the area’s natural magic and spectacular views. The hike is ideal for all levels and not too challenging, but dedicate the day to this walk as it may take around 4 hours to complete. While you hike, discover the amazing waterfalls, interesting wildlife, take in the mountain views, and enjoy the serene landscapes.

After a hard day’s hike, relax at the Refugio de Estos for a delicious meal and a comfortable night’s sleep in the cozy lodgings.





Aguero, Spain is the perfect destination to visit. Discover its rich history, sightseeing opportunities, remarkable landscapes, and friendly hospitality.

Aguero has an oceanic climate of 20 degrees, making it ideal for outdoor adventure and exploring the surrounding areas.

There are many reasons for visiting this village, from amazing sightseeing, history, cuisine, and activities. No matter your age or gender, you are sure to fall in love with this picture-postcard village. On your visit to Aguero Spain, explore the surrounding areas during a day trip to discover its mountains, restaurants, wineries, and cathedrals.

Aguero is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. All you have to do now is plan your trip for the time of your life.

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