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In this Astor, Florida travel guide, discover the best 8 things to do in this amazing town. Explore the accommodation, restaurants, tours, activities, and more.

Suppose you are planning a visit to North Central Florida. Then visiting the picturesque little town of Astor Florida, should be on your list this year. Astor is tucked away in the northern end of Lake County, and it’s a treasure trove of natural beauty that you must explore along the St. Johns River. You will discover many things to do in Astor, Florida, and whether you plan a weekend break or longer visit.

So, let’s discover if Astor is a good fit for your next vacation.



  • The picturesque town of Astor Florida, running along St Johns River, has various activities the entire family can enjoy.
  • Discover Astor’s natural beauty and wildlife by visiting its lakes and parks.
  • The ideal way to explore the surrounding areas of Astor is by boat to discover the history and tails of the river, dating back to ancient civilizations.
  • Visit the natural springs boasting a year-round 72-degree temperature, allowing you to paddle, swim, and kayak.
  • Astor has some of the most incredible hiking trails to explore including, the Florida National Scenic Trail, suitable for the entire family.
  • On your visit to Astor, discover the cuisine and accommodations on offer during your stay. From renting RVs to Boat Slips.


Astor Florida

8 Amazing Things To Do In Astor, Florida

1. Explore Lake George

Lake George is a popular spot for boaters and anglers, boasting endless fishing opportunities in its clear waters. Lake George is the second largest river in Florida. The lake is fed from the northern flow of St. Johns River, and it is the ideal spot for boating or fishing.

If you are looking for tranquility, then Lake George is not to be missed. Along with fishing and boating opportunities, there is a host of wildlife and salt spring to visit, including the Juniper Spring. It has a perfectly balanced ecosystem with virtually no tourism. A visit to lake George is not complete without viewing the incredible sunsets at night and exploring the salt springs.



2. Take a St Johns River Tour

The St. Johns River tour is not to be missed, departing from Astor at the Blackwater Inn. The leisure boat tour will let you explore St. Johns River with commentary about the ancient history dating back to the Indian and Spanish civilizations.

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Discover the exotic plants and wildlife along the river. The eco-tour will allow you to view the incredible wildlife including, bald eagles, manatees, and alligators. Or discover the exotic plant life, including Cypress trees, air plants, and ferns.

As you explore the river, you will hear commentary from a knowledgeable and skilled guide, hearing the history and tales of the river. After your thrilling boat tour, Blackwater Inn will serve you a delicious lunch. The St. Johns River Tour gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the renowned river led by experienced guides.


natural springs Aston

3. Visit The Natural Springs

St. Johns River in Astor Florida is home to some idyllic freshwater springs near the Ocala National Forest. Alexander Springs State Park is one of the most popular springs. The water is chilly but refreshing, 72 degrees year-round temperature, allowing you to swim, kayak or paddle. Some of the popular activities at the springs include snorkeling, scuba diving, and canoeing. If you go during the cooler months, you might spot some manatees.

Alexander State Park has all the facilities you wish for. Including camping sites for RVs and tents, Picnic areas, hiking trails, a fishing area situated downstream from the swimming area. A visit to the natural spring will leave you invigorated and refreshed and makes the perfect day out for the entire family.



4. Visit Bluffton Recreation Area

The Bluffton Recreation Area is not to be missed. Discover the Trail program offered by the Florida Forest Service in this beautiful state park, where you will find walking trails, wildlife, and few crowds. The Park is located on the St. Johns River on the Lake Johns Forrest. You will find various activities, including fishing, canoeing, picnic areas, and a host of trails to discover.

A popular trail is the Interpretive Trail, over a mile-long loop. You can pick up the map of the trail at the kiosk. The map will tell you about the ecology, vegetation, and history of the area. It is a great hike and very educational, suitable for the entire family. A visit To Bluffton Recreational Area is highly recommended. If you seek a fun educational walk in peaceful surroundings, then the Park is ideal.

walking trail


5. Try The Florida National Scenic Trail

If you enjoy hiking, then the Florida National Scenic Trail is not to be missed. The trail is 1,300 miles long and is a designated recreational trail near the St. Johns River in Astor, Florida.

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Discover the central portion of the trail to spot the array of wildlife including, black bears, bird verities, and more. The trail is not to be missed and is set in peaceful surroundings of the St. Johns River, providing an excellent day out for the whole family.



6. Castaway On the River

If you plan a visit to Astor Florida, Castaway on the river provides cottage rentals, boat rentals, and various lodgings. Suppose it’s your first time visiting Astor, or you are a long-term visitor of the area. In that case, the ideal way to explore Astor is by boat. Castaway has an excellent choice of boat rentals, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful surrounding and wildlife in the area.

If you are new to Astor, you will soon discover you will not be able to see it all in one trip. But you can always plan another trip and stay at one of the lodgings.

Castaway On The River offers everything from cozy cottages, motel rooms, RV spots, boat rentals, and more. Allowing you to be right near the action of St John’s River in Astor. Castaway On The River comes highly recommended on trip advisor and is one of the top companies delivering excellent accommodation, and boat rentals, allowing you to explore the scenic town of Astor.



7. Visit The Local Restaurants.

If you love food, then you must try the local cuisine. Astor, Florida, is a popular place to dine near the St. Johns River. There are various restaurants in the area offering fresh seafood, with options to dine right on the waterfront.

Some of the restaurants have docking access for those who like to explore the area by boat. Other restaurants are extremely popular with bikers on leisurely weekend trips. So, during your visit to Astor, discover the restaurants and the food.



8. Fireboat Airboat Tours

Take a ride on this six-seater airboat while you cruise down St. Johns River. Captain Mike will take you on a scenic 1-3 hours long boat ride as he tells you the tails and history of the river.

You will view stunning wildlife on your airboat tour, including alligators and various bird species, and the trip is suitable for the entire family. Bring any essentials with you, like water, and use the bathroom at the dock before boarding.

Suppose you are looking for virtually private tours for the whole family to explore St. Johns River. In that case, this is a must, allowing you to explore the river’s natural beauty.

Astor fishing And Boating


Staying In Astor Florida

Suppose you are plan to stay in Astor for some time. There are various options available to you including, Castaway On The River. From Castaway, you can organize most types of rentals, from RVs to boat slips.

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All accommodations will have electricity and amenities. The boat slips are varied in size and can be covered or uncovered. To discover the accommodations on offer, book in advance, and arrange your options.



Visiting Astor Florida, is a treat not to be missed. Astor is indeed a treasure trove of natural beauty, including its natural springs, recreational areas, rivers, and walks. There is something for everyone to discover.

Astor is a less touristy town. Hosting various outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy, including exploring Lake George, relaxing in the natural springs, and taking exciting boat tours.

If you get the opportunity to visit Astor, Florida, then you will agree it’s not to be missed. So, start planning your trip to the lesser-known town for the time of your life. Another top destination to check out Forks WA, packed with exciting things to do.

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