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It’s no secret that Bellingham is a great place to visit. With its beautiful scenery, thriving business community, and things to do galore, it can be hard to decide where to start! We’ve created the ultimate guide for things to do in Bellingham, so you don’t have to. Here are 8 things you absolutely need to do on your trip to Bellingham.


things to do in Bellingham

About Bellingham

Bellingham is a Northwest treasure located not far from the Canadian border. Bellingham, which is only a stone’s throw from North Cascades National Park and has seaside access to the San Juan Islands, is a great place to go hiking. Within city limits, such as Whatcom Falls Park, there are numerous multi-use pathways for hikers and bikers alike.

Bellingham is a great destination to visit for a weekend or a month. Whether you like the arts, shopping, excellent cuisine, and wine, or the outdoors and hiking, you’ll find plenty to do. The region’s beauty spots include the San Juan Islands, Bellingham, and Whatcom County, which both offer excellent opportunities to enjoy the outdoors on a river. Don’t forget to visit Bellingham Bay, which has breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest. You may go on a whale-watching cruise or rent a kayak.

Bellingham is a beautiful, picturesque city in Washington state, which is consistently rated one of the finest places to visit in the United States. This college town, which is about an hour from Seattle, Vancouver, and Mt. Baker, has simple access to art, adventure, and action.

Swim in the creek, fish, and walk around Whatcom Falls Park, which contains the Whatcom Creek Gorge and four separate waterfalls. Hiking to the distinctive rocky coastlines of Larrabee Park, which in 1915 became Washington’s first state park, gives a chance to combine history and nature.


Whatcom Falls Park

1.   Whatcom Falls Park

The park at Whatcom Falls Park is a 240-acre city park on the eastern outskirts of Bellingham. Modern park facilities, well-maintained paved paths, and beautiful views of the waterfalls in Whatcom Creek Gorge.

Whatcom Falls, located in Washington State’s Whatcom County, maybe most noticed for the four distinct waterfalls fed by the cascading Whatcom Creek. The falls are fed by the springs located at their headwaters, which is only a half-mile from the creek’s mouth on Bellingham.

This park has many activities for families, including an 18-hole golf course, hiking trails, picnic areas, a fishing pond for the kids, and an off-leash dog park. This is also a great place to go swimming in the creek during warmer months!

The Whatcom Falls Park might be the most popular tourist attraction in all of Bellingham. This was originally a large park with over 241-acres of land, but over the years, it has been reduced in size.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the park’s many features since there are several areas to explore. The park has four waterfalls, to begin with, all of which have different characteristics. There are also considerable regions of forests and amazing vistas. Some people think these pictures are superior to anything they’ve ever seen. The first thing you’ll notice is a rather ancient stone bridge that is now covered in mosses after you walk into the park. Do stop here to admire the waterfall and take some pictures.

If you enjoy nature, it would be a shame not to visit Whatcom Falls Park while in Bellingham since the area has everything. This is where you’ll find gorgeous vistas, hiking trails, BBQ grills, and even a fish hatchery!



Mount Baker Theatre

2.   Mount Baker Theatre

Mount Baker Theatre, completed in 1927, was one of the last magnificent vaudeville movie palaces erected in the Pacific Northwest. MBT has kept history while also meeting the demands of today’s constantly changing economy, technology, and society since its inception.

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The historic theater is located in the Arts District of Bellingham’s downtown area and covers a half block. The Mount Baker Theatre has three distinct spaces that host national and local theater performances throughout the year. The Mount Baker Theatre has been around since 1927, and in 1996 it underwent substantial renovations that kept much of its old beauty.

The Mount Baker Theatre has a wide selection of shows, including musicals, jugglers, and traditional instrumentalists. The theater also takes part in a variety of charity events. The Missoula Children’s Theatre camp is based at the venue.

Join MBT’s crew for some Peek Behind the Curtain excursions as they take you around! Be frightened by ghosts of the past, gain insight into renovations and future plans, and explore the backstage of this historic theater.

Mount Baker Theatre is one of Bellingham’s finest venues for live entertainment. The theater offers a great atmosphere and world-class music, all while keeping the historic feel that many people love about it.



Spend a day at Fairhaven

3.   Spend a day at Fairhaven

This small city in Washington has a lovely historic district just south of downtown. The beautiful waterfront views are within walking distance of the bus and train station, as well as the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

Before 1889, Fairhaven was not well-known. However, due to its economic element and location, it gradually became fashionable. This region’s logging business began to take off with the passage of time and the proximity to a seaport, which made Fairhaven a very popular place to live.

In early 1890, Fairhaven was incorporated as a town and had been upgraded from its former status of being the county seat of Whatcom County.

Fairhaven’s elegant vistas of Bellingham Bay are complemented by a scent of the Victorian era. With buildings constructed in that style and bricks being used to construct the road, Fairhaven has had a significant impact on Bellingham’s tourism industry. It is also home to the Fairhaven Historic District, which is listed on both the National Register of Historic Places and Washington’s Heritage Register.

The vibrant history of Fairhaven is celebrated by the community. Historic monuments may be seen on buildings and sidewalks throughout the area. Local companies have photographs or exhibits to commemorate their history.

The majority of Fairhaven’s businesses, galleries, and restaurants are located in a four-block by four-block area, making it simple to stroll through. The stores and restaurants are full of life, while the buildings themselves provide a glimpse into Bellingham’s past. There are ample options for getting around the city center, but by using public transportation, you will not have to worry about arranging your schedule around it.

The people in this neighborhood are pleasant, and you’ll most certainly get a greeting from everyone you meet. In almost any business or eateries, you ‘ll be treated as a friend and a regular. Visitors, college students, and locals all mingle in a warm and inviting atmosphere.



Learning at SPARK Museum

4.   Learning at SPARK Museum

The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention engages a diverse audience through dynamic programs and a world-class collection of artifacts that trace the historical development of electricity, radio, and telecommunications.

Focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and math, the Spark Museum is a place where visitors of all ages can explore the history, science, and fun behind electricity.

Let’s face it: Electricity has altered our world. But, do we value it sufficiently? Do we pay attention to the fact that without electricity, we would all be lost? It honors the invention of this gift.

The Museum provides an immersive introduction to the fascinating realm of electricity and radio, with every chance to learn, experiment, and be astonished. SPARK Museum is a place where visitors of all ages can explore the history, science, and fun behind electricity. The Museum’s static electricity chamber, or even make other-worldly noises with the Theremin (the first electronic musical instrument), is available to brave visitors.

The Museum’s collection of over 500 devices is full of surprises. Visitors can try Morse code, receive a free X-ray, or tinker with an Edison cylinder phonograph. We mean every bit of it when we state that this is a hands-on museum with an interactive element!

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The museum recognizes the invention of electricity not only as a historical milestone but also as a source of knowledge about the invention of electricity and the events that followed. There are several artifacts in this museum that span a 400-year history. Their physicists will be familiar with the notorious Tesla “Mega Zapper,” which is included alongside other remarkable papers.



Visit Lummi Island

5.   Visit Lummi Island

Lummi Island is a tiny, 9.25-square-mile island in Whatcom County, about 2 1/2 hours north of Seattle. With roughly 900 people, it’s the quietest of the 10 islands near Seattle and the finest for a peaceful Pacific Northwest getaway.

The only way to get there is by taking the Whatcom Chief ferry, which has a capacity of 22 cars and travels for 5 minutes. There is no big grocery store on the island. There are no gas stations. There are no traffic lights. There are just a few people who live a simple life and a beautiful stretch of land with forests, farms, rocky shorelines, and sandy beaches.

Visitors to Lummi Island will discover a variety of stores and galleries with paintings, photographs, sculptures, furniture, jewelry, and more created by regionally and nationally recognized artists. The island also has several restaurants that offer everything from vegetarian dishes to game meats and seafood caught by local fisherman.

Guests may enjoy a leisurely stroll along the island’s beaches or take advantage of the on-site spa’s several relaxation therapies.

Lummi Island is a tiny island with a laid-back way of life rather than an exciting and diversified itinerary. It’s the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries, especially if you want something that feels like home but is just far enough away. I believe that if you intend to bike, fish, boat, or camp, this is the location for you.


Lake Padden

6.   Lake Padden

Washington State is a paradise for nature lovers with its mountains, forests, lakes, and ocean. Lake Padden Park is home to a fishing lake with a 147-acre body, located south of Bellingham near Interstate 5 and surrounded by Lake Padden. The lake is home to a variety of fish, including rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and coastal cutthroat trout.

Bicycles, kayaks, and non-motorized boats are permitted on the lake, and fishing is readily accessible from the shoreline. The park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is ideal for picnics and barbequing. It includes picnic areas, restrooms, trails, and a concession stand.

Spend some time in the woods while exploring an established city preserve. Walk along the lakeside path and observe the animal life in the area. There is a boat launch at the park’s eastern entrance for visitors who want to explore the park from the water. For the athletic, there are multi-use ball fields, pickleball, and a 205-acre championship 18-hole golf course.

Picnic areas are also accessible for an afternoon meal outside of the blood-pumping fun here. The off-leash dog park allows dogs to run free, while the adjacent Lake Padden Public Golf Course offers a quick 18 holes for casual golfers.

Lake Padden is a park that holds many possibilities for the outdoor enthusiast, whether you are looking to enjoy nature or try new sports and activities.



Boulevard Park

7.   Boulevard Park

Boulevard Park is a lovely park. There is a performance stage for local concerts, as well as open space for throwing a frisbee or flying a kite. Also, there is an off-leash dog park for you to enjoy with your furry creature! Boulevard Park, which is connected to the Fairhaven Historic District on the south and downtown Bellingham on the north, offers excellent walking and biking paths along with scenic views of the water.

Bellingham’s iconic Boulevard Park, on the town’s east side, is a lovely public park located along one of the town’s most famous streets. A beautiful park with views of both Canada and the United States on either side – Boulevard Park is a neighborhood favorite.

There are several hiking routes available where you may attempt out trekking with spectacular views. Do you want to see the most beautiful sunset in Bellingham? Boulevard Park is the finest location to catch a glimpse of the heavenly sunset. Walking among the trees along the border of Canadian Border Peak is a fantasy for many, while others are merely entranced by the breathtaking seas.

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Fairhaven Historic District

8.   Discover Fairhaven Historic District

One of the finest things to do in Bellingham, Washington, explore the Fairhaven Historic District.

Dan Harris organized the town of Fairhaven in Washington State in 1883. It was later incorporated into Bellingham, Washington.

It was a beautiful site for steelmaking, and since it was located on the waterfront, it became an outstanding location for producing things like salmon, coal, and lumber.

Fairhaven’s Historic District is the perfect place for those who want to appreciate history in Bellingham.

The town of Fairhaven was well-known for its salmon canning ties and also housed several salmon canning facilities throughout the late 1800s to early 1900s. In 1977, the historic town of Fairhaven was reconstructed as a historic district containing 17 historical structures.

Fairhaven, with its charming community of outdoor movies at the Pickford Outdoor Cinema in July, is an appealing place to visit.

The Town of Fairhaven is a lovely seaside hamlet with a rich history and plenty to do in the summer. The area boasts numerous parks, a historic district with a variety of restored buildings, and the nearby Fairhaven Village Green Park.






Bellingham is a fantastic place to visit with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. The town offers a range of activities and is an excellent place for those who want to explore and spend time in the great outdoors.

If you want to explore the natural beauty and history in this town, there are many options available. From walking through Fairhaven Historic District or playing at Boulevard Park, Bellingham has something for everyone!

There’s no end to what you will discover if you decide to visit Bellingham on your next trip out West. While there, consider exploring one or more of these eight options for outdoor adventures while enjoying everything else that makes this area so special!

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