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Explore 8 amazing things to do in Laguna Beach, Florida,  from whale-watching cruises to taking the beach trolley.  In this travel guide to Laguna Beach, discover why it is a must-visit destination for travelers, the best time to visit, and much more.


About Laguna Beach, Florida

Discover Laguna Beach Florida, surrounded by a sandy shoreline and blue waters. See the inland parks surrounded by lush forests, wetlands, walking trails, and wildlife.


Laguna Beach is a beautiful town surrounded by a pristine stretch of beach. You can spend days enjoying the beach along the Gulf Coast or explore the nearby natural habitat.


A big draw for visitors is the Camp Helen State Park, and it is undoubtfully one of Laguna beach’s highlights. It became a state park in 1997 and attracts visitors globally to enjoy its activities and amenities. During your visit to Camp Helen’s, discover the visitor center where you can watch birds and wildlife. Spot Kingfishers, deer, and bald eagles in their natural habitat.


Why not rent a kayak to explore the inland waters. If you prefer to relax, go swimming or fishing. The Park is full of amenities including, picnic tables, showers, nature trails, and a historic lodge.

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  • Laguna Beach, Florida is surrounded by incredible sandy beaches, inland parks, lush forests, walking trails, and wildlife.
  • The ideal visiting time is in spring or fall when there are fewer crowds, allowing you to bathe or swim.
  • The city is the hidden gem of Orange County; discover the wilderness, activities, walks, art, and more.
  • You will not be lost for things to do in Laguna Beach; there is always something new to discover, from whale watching to self-guided walking tours.
  • The city is an all-year-round destination, attracting every traveler to marvel at the artwork and discover its spectacular beaches.


Best Time to Visit Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach attracts visitors all year round. Still, you should aim to go between April and May or September to October to get the best from your visit. The spring and fall seasons bring fewer visitors than the summer months. You will still get excellent weather and will enjoy temperatures of 70 degrees or higher. During summer is the peak travel season at Laguna beach. It also happens to be when numerous festivals occur. If you head to laguna beach during winter, you are sure to get some impressive discounts. Still, unfortunately, you will not be able to swim as the water is too cold then. Evening temperatures can dip to the low 40s.


Why Visit Laguna Beach, Florida?

Laguna Beach in Florida is orange county’s hidden gem. It is a unique place to visit. Offering you the opportunity to explore its seven miles of coves and beaches, discovering sea caves, tide pools, sandy beaches, and ocean side bluffs. It attracts visitors globally because it boasts the most incredible beachfront lodging options, making it ideal for a beach escape.


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Venture beyond the beach, and you will find over 20,000 stunning acres of protected wilderness, perfect for any adventurous exploring. You can try the mountain bike trails, which are suitable for all levels, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and marine sanctuaries. You are not limited to things to do on your visit to Laguna beach, and there is always something new to discover. Let’s discover why Laguna Beach Florida is so popular?


<<Check out these amazing tours at Laguna Beach>>


Visit The Tide Pool And Marine life.

You will find two adjoining marine protected areas extending offshore from Laguna beach, protecting critical species, habitats, tide pools, forests, and reefs. The marine refuge center is protected, and nothing can be moved, taken, or touched in the area. There is a Free entry Pacific Marine Mammal Centre, rehabilitating marine animals stranded along the Orange County Coastline. If you go between May and October, you will see the giant blue whale migration. Here are some tours for you to admire these magnificent creatures.

whale watching

Visit Heisler Park

Heisler Park is situated north of Main Beach and offers some spectacular views of the Laguna Beach coastline. You can take a half-mile stroll along its pathed path to admire the artwork or enjoy a picnic or barbeque on the grass.



It is a unique sport that was invested in Laguna Beach Florida. It’s not quite surfing, as skimboarders catch their waves from the shores. The city is the Skimboarding capital of the world due to its shore breaks. It attracts skimboarders of all levels riding on multiple beaches along the coast. If you prefer to spectate or try skimboarding for yourself, you can arrange some beginner’s lessons.


If you are around during summer, you can see the Victoria Skimboarding Championships at Aliso Beach Park. However, they are still waiting for the go-ahead for this year.


laguna beach happy hour

The Summer Time Happy Hours

Suppose you have been out sightseeing all day. Then there is nothing better than the summer happy hours. On Laguna beach, there are many to choose from. The Rooftop Lounge is a popular spot for most visitors, offering half-priced mojitos, wine, beer, and cocktails from 3-5 pm Monday to Friday.

Closer to the beach, you will find a trendy bar called Tommy Bahama in the Heisler building. Providing happy hours between 3-6 pm, serving a range of delicious cocktails for complete relaxation.




8 Amazing Things To Do In Laguna Beach, Florida

The coastal destination offers a choice of sandy beaches, art galleries, unique visitor attractions, and many excellent restaurants.


You can visit the Pacific Marine Mammal Centre, admire the Artwork in Laguna Art Museum, or visit the numerous unique attractions on your visit. If you are traveling with family, take the children to the tide pools along the stretch of coastline, go on an art tour, or ride the Laguna Beach Trolley. In Laguna Beach Florida you will never be lost for things to do; there is something for everyone. We listed a few activities to give you some ideas.


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<<Check out these amazing tours at Laguna Beach>>



1. Admire The Art

The city is home to over 100 public artworks, and art is all around you to admire. All of the art pieces were created specifically for Laguna Beach, contributing to the city life. You will see impressive murals, statues, and other impressive artwork as you walk through the town. If you visit the Official Visitors Center, you can pick up a map.


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2. Visit Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is the largest in California and is a top tourist attraction when visiting Laguna Beach. You will discover stunning sandy beaches, tidal pools, hills, wooded canyons, and ridges, making a natural and amazing landscape to explore. The Park has over 2,000 acres of wilderness and three miles of stunning beaches. The Park is popular with outdoor enthusiasts, taking advantage of the spectacular scenery and activities like biking, hiking, fishing, scuba diving, and surfing.


If you are not that adventurous, you will be interested in exploring the tide pools. You can arrange tidal pool walks, geology talks, and guided hikes organized by the park staff.



3. Exploring The Tide Pools

The marine life is hidden below the waves. Pooling opportunities in Laguna Beach will allow you to view them up close, viewing sea stars and the various creatures that call this their home. You can pick up a brochure at the Official Visitors Centre so that you can identify the sea life easily.


dolphin watching

4. Visit The Pacific Marine Mammal Centre

A visit to Laguna Beach Florida is not complete without a visit to this amazing animal sanctuary. The center takes care of and releases the creatures back into their natural habitats.


If you are visiting with kids, then a visit to the center is ideal, allowing you to spot sea lions, elephant seals, and much more. The center also offers education programs suitable for both kids and adults. Allowing you to discover more about the rescue center’s work for these amazing creatures.



5. Go On A Whale Watching Cruise

Laguna Beach is a perfect all-year-round destination for whale-watching opportunities. You can view blue whales during the summer or fall and grey whales in the winter and spring.


You can spot minke whales, humpback whales, finback whales, and dolphin species all year round. Discover the whale watching cruise from Newport beach, with commentary about the whales, and view the rugged coast, admiring the beautiful scenery. Or take a 2-hour tour to watch the whales and dolphins on a semi-private tour, learning all about the marine animals in their natural habitat.



6. Visit Laguna Art Museum

The fine arts museum is located on Laguna Beach on cliff Drive. The museum is dedicated to preserving artwork done by Californian artists. It only collects art done by Californian artists, making it incredibly unique.

Discover the fine art in the Steele Gallery as you marvel at one painting to another. You can Marvel at canvases and statues done in California by renowned artists. A trip to Laguna Beach is not complete without seeing the local artwork.


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7. The Laguna Beach Trolley

The free weekend Laguna beach Trolley operating through the city is not to be missed. The trolley runs from the south starting at the Ritz Carlton and travels to north laguna beach.


If you start your journey from the Official Visitor Centre, you can pick up all the information about the trolley. You can discover the sights, restaurants, shopping, events, and much more. During your trolley ride, you can hop on and off any time during the 34-stop journey: a great way to explore the city and detailed information on all the attractions.



8. Go On A Laguna Beach Walk

You can discover the history and beauty on a free self-guided walking tour. It is the ideal way to explore this laid-back Californian town. The walking tours cover many tours in areas around the town and focus on history, food, culture, fitness, and fun.


While you walk, you can explore the landmarks, public art spaces, visit art galleries and museums. Or just admire the incredible ocean views while relaxing in one of the cafes and restaurants. You will find that each tour is unique and offers something for everyone, including Heisler Park or the Downtown Walk.


The tours are suitable for all ages or fitness levels. You can visit the Official Visitors Centre for a free map and go on this self-guided walk at your convenience.




Laguna Beach Florida is the gem of Orange County waiting to be discovered. Explore the stretches of coastline, sandy beaches, lush forests, walking trails, and wildlife.


Aim to plan your visit during spring or fall when there are fewer crowds and ideal weather conditions to bathe or swim. On your visit, explore the seven miles of coastline, discovering sea coves and tide pools, perfect for all the family. Or discover the renowned parks and animal sanctuaries.


At Laguna Beach, you will never be limited to things to do; there is something for everyone to discover. Why not go whale and dolphin watching, or take a ride through the city on the famous Laguna Beach Trolley.


The city offers so many activities, landmarks, artworks, and beautiful landscapes to explore. So, the only thing you have to do now is plan your visit and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.