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We explore 10 of the best things to do in Bell, Florida. Discover the relaxing springs, or go on an adventure on a guided fishing charter.  This travel guide uncovers the reasons that Bell is a popular destination for travelers, the best time to visit, and much more.

Bell Florida is filled with countless opportunities for you to explore and indulge yourself in some unique experiences in the water. The tropical marine, coral reefs, and art mixed with food create a perfect amalgam you need to get away from all the hectic work life.

Whether you are a sucker for parks, museums, or fascinating stories behind incredible water bodies, Florida is one of the most underrated holiday destinations you can go for. However, if you plan to make the most out of your vacation, here’s a complete guide on the Bell Florida: 10 amazing things to do nearby.

So, let’s dive right into it!

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Reasons To Visit Bell Florida

Sure, Unlike Hawaii, Bali and Greece, Bell Florida may not be on top of your bucket list. Still, if you are looking for a peaceful destination that stays under your budget, nothing can beat Bell Florida in its authenticity and down to earth approach. Here are some of the reasons you need to visit Bell Florida now!

If you are a fan of snorkelling and kayaking, Bel Florida is a city for water lovers that helps you stay over the edge and fuel your adrenaline like no other. Here, you also get an opportunity to collect marine debris from mangroves to cherish forever and enjoy your best time with your family and friends. They also have enough activities for your children to have a blast so you don’t have to worry about making your children bored while you are having the time of your life.

Get to explore the underwater world

Considering how Bell Florida is covered with water bodies, you won’t have any shortage of exploring the underwater world! What makes this palace stand out from the crowd is how they allow you to enjoy yourself without harming the environment for others. In addition, their hospitable locals are warm enough to make you feel comfortable wherever you go.

Luxury Sailing & Snorkelling

Opportunities to Learn

If you are planning a field trip or want to take out for vacation, Bell Florida is equipped with just the right opportunities to help them get to know about ecology, biology and the environmental action around them; it won’t take much longer before your kids love indulging themselves in the marine species and learn the extraordinary life of others. During snorkelling, you will also get the chance to brainstorm and tackle challenges faced by marine life.

Best Time To Visit Bell Florida

A full-proof way to absolutely ruin your holidays is to go at the wrong time of the year. The thing you would want to experience in Florida is the sky that is raining cats and dogs; you are stuck at home while you have planned your whole day outdoors. Thus the best time to visit Bell is in February to December when you have pleasant weather. You can also try going in June when the weather makes it 32; C as the highest average temperature in the city.

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Bell Florida 10 Amazing Things To Do Nearby

  1. Hart Springs

Take a scenic stroll over Hart Springs, which has one the largest Spring_fed Swimming Areas in all of Florida. The place is located along the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, where you will find the ever-famous Suwannee River for the perfect opportunity for pictures and memories.

With a half-mile long walk from Hart Springs, you will get to see springs flow up and freshwater flowing down to meet the other famous rivers. For years, Hart Spring has been the favourite for all the tourists who can’t get enough of its natural beauty and exploration choices that they will never be able to find anywhere else.

Here, you also have unlimited access to experience the Florida Greenway trail on your bicycle and view the rural roads of the city. This place is excellent for families to experience, learn and take something with them forever.

bell florida. barbeque gril

  1. Akins Bar-B-Q & Grill

Located in Bell, Florida, Akins Bar-B-Q & Grill offers everything you need to fulfil your cravings after a long day. They are always packed with daily specials, deals and meals to keep you drooling for hours! Their extensive menu covers various dishes made from the highest quality ingredients that all locals love. What’s more, anything you do in this area will feel true to the city’s culture and ambience.

The restaurant has been recommended by tourists and the locals who love to indulge in Bar-B-Q & Grill to unwind after the adventurous activities of the city.


  1. Rustic Inn Bed and Breakfast

Rustic Inn Bed and Breakfast makes it ideal for everyone who visits Bell Florida with their friends and family. The place is quite settling and offers countless amenities specifically designed to make your experience even more enjoyable.

They offer highly relaxing rooms to help you wrap up the day with ease, air conditioning, refrigerator, pool, and free parking for that ever needed convenience you need in a new place. Most travellers prefer to go to Great Outdoors Restaurant nearby to enjoy some seafood and get lost in the city’s beauty.

Not just that, this place is in nearby most tourist attractions like Blue Springs Park and Poe Springs Park to keep the fun going. They also offer delicious Mexican food from El Patio Mexican Restaurant to satisfy your taste buds in Florida!

  1. Fanning Springs State Park

You wouldn’t be able to drag yourself out of Fanning Springs State Park that gives you a refreshing experience to take a break from your busy lifestyle. It is known as the most popular activity that many people do on a hot day to help you rest assured to socialise and get enough opportunities to make new friends!

Although they won’t allow you to fish from the sock, you can certainly launch a canoe and enjoy yourself. The best part about the park is its commute to the destination. You get to arrive there via boat from the Suwannee River and also offers the convenience of a car route for many travellers.

To enter the park, you can arrive via boat from the Suwannee River and by car.

However, if you are planning to visit there, make sure to make your picnic lunch as there is plenty of space to have fun with your family; they also offer large open spaces to let your kids play frisbee and other fun outdoor activities to take time off their screens for a while and have quality time.

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  1. Bob’s River Place

This is not a public park. Bob’s River Place is a Swimming Hole that is equipped with some old fashioned way of enjoying themselves; what better way to get our children to enjoy the authentic place and keep them down to earth than helping them build a solid relationship with their surroundings. The Tarzan Ropes can give them the ever needed boost of adrenaline and makes up the best destination for teenagers and young adults.

As this place is specifically meant for adventure junkies, they have no lifeguards, so all the activities will be at your own risk. However, bear in mind that Bob’s River Place is 4.5 miles away from Bell, so you may need to prepare for that journey.

mexican food

  1. Elle Cocina

You can never go wrong with Elle Cocina with its Mexican and Tex-Mex food that tastes like no other. The staff is known for their amiable behaviour that keeps them better than the rest. Most tourists who visit this place never turn on to other dine-in as this place never fails to fill them up with a wide variety and scrumptious dishes.


  1. Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures

If you love tubing, Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures is the place to go. The place is a paradise for all adventure lovers who can never get enough of their exploration and the thrill of staying outside their comfort zone.

In fact, in 2020, a group also set a record of 140 tubers floating down the place and made a good reputation. So you can always count on this destination as your go-to place to give you the ever needed rush that you crave after days of chilling in the water and relaxing your suite.


  1. Florida Saltwater Flats Fishing Charters

This can be your ideal activity to indulge in while you’re vacationing in Florida. Here, you get a guaranteed clean boat, safety gear, and free digital pictures that ensure you have complete satisfaction in the journey.

It is a Charter Company, owned and operated by a husband and wife who excel at fishing guides. The company started 18 years ago, which gives you enough credibility to try out this place and share your passion for fishing. All the certified captains are friendly and will guide you throughout the fishing process and keep you engaged in their stories.

As if this wasn’t already enough, the 22 to 25 foot flatboats are long enough to occupy your entire family and make sure you get to have a different experience with this unique guiding team. But, that’s not it, as you get more involved in its activities you will also get to find out more interesting stories that lie within the locals to make this place more interesting than ever.


  1. Suwannee Gables Motel and Marina

If you are into the best places in Bell, Florida, there is no way you haven’t heard of the ever famous Suwannee Gables Motel and Marina that is 14.9 miles from Manatee Springs State Park and is packed with everything you need to have a comfortable stay in Florida.

Although they won’t offer luxurious services, their peaceful atmosphere is well known for giving one of a kind experience to make you forget your devices and truly surrender yourself to the beauty and exceptional scenic view of this place. They also include a pool and BBQ grills for late-night gatherings with your loved ones, and enjoy their free WiFi, minifridge, full kitchens and microwaves to let you have the best time of your life. What’s more, thanks to its cosy atmosphere you can rest assured to unwind in the most relaxing way possible.

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  1. Dj Brooklyn Djing Services

Need to ditch the norm and live that bachelor life?

You are in luck!

Dj Brooklyn Djing Services is everything you need to have a blast at your parties. You can hire them and head off to the nearest party hall to help you get lost in the fun of its nightlife. So whether you are visiting Florida for your sweet 16th, Anniversary or a getaway, they have got it all! They are situated in a highly accessible place, ensuring your friends wouldn’t have to struggle to find the location and offer maximum satisfaction throughout your parties.

They are known for handling your guest swell and can even host other specific occasions for your families and birthdays. What makes them stand above the rest is the raving reviews of how perfectly they arrange, carry out and wind up the parties, so you only focus on enjoying yourself with your friends. If this wasn’t already enough, you could also hit them up to capture the beautiful moments during the holiday to take some memories back home.



Coming to the end of the guide, if you plan to visit Bell, Florida, expect to come back with a peaceful mind and a well-rested body. Although the place is heaven for adventure lovers, it also offers countless opportunities to relax and come back with a bang.

If you plan to visit, make sure you stay ahead in your safety measures and have a clear idea of the things you need to do to make this journey second to none. It will make sure that you don’t waste your precious time searching for the places on the spot and prepare yourself with the right gear and clothing to equip you for all the upcoming exciting journeys.

Tell me how it goes!


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