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Bora Bora Holidays

Bora Bora holidays are not for everyone – that is if you like to stay on dry land! These islands are not only beautiful but have some of the most perfect sandy beaches in the world.  This travel guide will make you want to go there fast!


Why Visit Bora Bora

Bora Bora lies off the coast of Tahiti, off the tip of South East Asia. Surrounded by large, sandy, white beaches, it is well known for its world-class scuba diving and snorkeling. It is also a great place for the adventurous to hike, bike, or birdwatch. It is also a great holiday resort destination with some of the best, and most luxurious, accommodations available.

Bora Bora is divided into four main islands. The best parts are the north and south islands, each of which have many different types of activities available. In fact, there is so much to do on each of these islands that it is hard to choose just one! Here are some of the more popular activities: diving, snorkeling, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. If you want to combine any of these activities for your holiday, you can often book a package, including airfare, accommodation, and some activities.

Discover some of the lowest prices

Most Bora Bora vacations is organised into two-week blocks of inclusive trips. The blocks are designed to suit all budgets, so there’s no need to sacrifice quality in order to save money. If you are planning a longer stay, you may be able to arrange additional trips to nearby islands and get a lower price, but in general, there is no need to worry about a lack of things to do on the islands.

One of the most exciting aspects of booking a Bora Bora vacation is the choice of accommodation. You can find many luxurious resorts on the islands, often with everything you need to comfortably retire. However, this may mean that you are slightly restricted in what you can do when you’re there, so a good idea is to start by checking out resorts in the area that have something for everyone – activities, such as swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, etc.

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Best time to visit

The best time to go to the island is in the winter as the weather is generally milder. The north part of the island is particularly cold, but the south is much warmer. The north is often dry and windy, whereas the south is usually wet and cold. Both islands are great for snorkeling and scuba diving, but you will need to be careful about where you swim because the reefs are fragile and some snorkelers should never dive near coral reefs.

Things to do

Bora Bora trips is a great way to visit the unique flora and fauna of the island. In fact, you can expect to see some incredible wildlife. It is illegal to kill any of the animals on the islands, but you can often spot penguins, dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures such as leopard seals and stingrays.

On some occasions, you can even see an elephant! Although this isn’t possible during the winter months, tourists can see a variety of birds including eels and birds of paradise on a nightly bird watching tour. As a bonus, you can also watch whales take off from the bay. These tours usually run on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

When you arrive on the island, you may want to check out the water parks. These are an excellent way to get in shape while you stay healthy. You can also enjoy diving or snorkeling, although diving is more popular than snorkeling. In fact, you should do a little research into the different types of dive sites on the island to ensure that you’ll be happy when you go there.

Another interesting way to get active on Bora Bora is through fishing. Many resorts offer this type of activity, as it is very popular and convenient. Fishing is available throughout the year, especially on the south side of the island. If you are lucky, you may even be able to catch a rainbow! However, the north coast and northern part of the island are not suitable for fishing.

If you decide to spend your Bora Bora vacation on a boat, there are many activities you can participate in to keep fit. There are also plenty of great beaches to relax on, and you can always take a trip down to the beach to enjoy a sun tan.

Many visitors to Bora Bora prefer to stay on one of the smaller islands, such as Kilauea or Bonaire, which offer everything you need to make your holiday memorable. These small resorts are great for families, couples, or couples with small children. These islands offer a variety of activities for every type of traveller, including activities such as walking, swimming, golfing, hiking, sailing, snorkeling, and diving. You may also be able to rent a car and drive around to explore the many different islands of Bora Bora.

What to Do During Your Holidays on Bora Bora

Bora Bora vacations are considered one of the most romantic holidays you can take in your lifetime. Bora Bora holidays are mostly in paradise; it has more beaches, beautiful islands, and more than just one place for the two of you to get intimate.

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Some interesting Bora Bora Facts

Bora Bora is an Island northwest of Tahiti off the coast of French Polynesia. Surrounded by soft sand-fringed islets and turquoise ocean waters shielded by an emerald reef, it is known for its world-class scuba diving. It is also a popular luxurious holiday destination where some luxury holiday resorts are perched at the beach on stilts above the sea. The island’s central mountain is Mount Otemanu, which is considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

If you are planning your next Bora Bora get away, the island is packed with things to do. It has some of the best surfing spots in the world. There are many different marine life in the Caribbean, which makes Bora Bora a must see vacation spot for marine experts. The coral reef is beautiful, and some areas are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world.

Explore Bora Bora

You can spend a few days on Bora Bora in order to explore the island and get some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling you have ever seen. The island has several dive operators who will teach you all about diving in Bora Bora and give you a guided tour through the reefs and water depths. This will help you see a whole new side of the island that you have not seen before. One dive operator in particular is named Tomioka. He provides guided tours throughout the year, from May until October.

If you are looking for snorkeling, there are several companies who offer snorkeling trips on Bora Bora. These companies include Hapuna, the Reef Diver, and Aqua Reef, who all offer snorkeling lessons and other special tours.

When you go for a Bora Bora Holiday Vacation, you will not regret it at all, as it is truly an experience that you will never forget. You can stay in private holiday homes, villas and bungalows, or you can take up to 4 couples along on a beach holiday.

Bora Bora Holiday

Top Destination For Honeymoon’s

Bora Bora gives you the best of everything a honeymoon would have to offer. There are plenty of romantic and fun-filled activities that you can partake in, like swimming, snorkeling and fishing. You can even try your hand at golfing, wind surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking, jet skiing, sailing, fishing, and the many other sports activities. You can spend as much time as you want in the water and still have time to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Bora Bora.

Some of the activities available during your Bora Bora trip include, diving, boating, snorkeling, kayaking, snorkeling lessons and much more. There are so many activities for the adventurous traveler.

Where to stay

Once you arrive at the main resort area, there will be a lot to do at the resorts. Some of these resorts have spa treatments, swimming pools, bars, and restaurants. If you want a more laid back atmosphere, you can choose from a hotel, or even from an apartment. If you are on a tight budget, you can find affordable Bora Bora holiday rentals.

On top of all this, if you want to stay on Bora Bora as a family, you can take turns staying in different hotels. It is always fun to share a room with your kids and be able to cook, clean, and have fun together.

There are also some great Bora Bora packages available that allow you to come back year after year and visit once again. This gives you and your children all the convenience of one hotel, and one price.

Bora Bora is a great way to experience the beauty and serenity of the tropical islands. You will surely enjoy your time there.

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Discounted Holidays - Bora Bora Holidays Package

Bora Bora is a great way to see the island of Polynesian in a completely different light. Bora Bora is an island off the coast of Tahiti in the South Pacific. Surrounded by turquoise waters and sandy months (islands) it is also referred to as one of the most beautiful South Pacific islands.

In fact, it is a very popular luxury holiday destination with many guest bungalow owners overlooking the ocean on the island of Bora Bora. It is also a popular beach holiday destination where some luxury villas are perched high above the ocean on stilts.

Bora Bora Resorts

Bora Bora trips can be planned with many different resorts. The main island, Bora Bora, has four main resorts that cater to different needs and budgets. From luxury villas to a simple beach house these four resorts can cater for all tastes and budgets.

Amongst the resorts on the island there is the Grandeur Bali villa, which is the biggest on the island. Situated on the north of the main island, Grandeur Bali Villa is one of the most modern resorts. It boasts of an indoor swimming pool, a spa, and an outdoor pool. With access to air conditioned rooms, restaurants and bars, it is very accessible.

Another one of the luxurious Bora Bora vacations is the Grandeur Bali villa. It is situated on the north of the main island in an area of lush greenery and lush green trees. There is an air conditioned indoor pool and a spa, which are used for fitness and massages. It is also close to the international airport and hotels.

The second luxurious Bora Bora option is the Bali Hotel and Spa. Located right on the southern tip of the main island, it is one of the most modern hotels in Bora Bora. There is an indoor pool and an outdoor pool with an extremely well-appointed spa. The hotel is close to the airport and to the shopping mall.

If your budget is not very large, there are other options for Bora Bora. The Sea View Villa Resort is the cheapest option but still has some excellent facilities. It is close to the airport and hotels and is located on the south eastern tip of the main island. It is equipped with a spa, indoor pool, outdoor pool, and spa, sauna and a gym.

One of the least expensive and yet very impressive option is the St Lucia Beach Club Bora Bora. It is on the northern tip of the main island and is a private villa that are near the St Lucia beach. There is no hotel on site and all rooms are private. The resort is only eight miles from the hotel.

Travelling On A budget

For more budget-friendly option, the St Lucia Beach Club Bora Bora is also the least expensive among the resorts in Bora Bora. Its prices start from $600 and go up to $1000 per room. It is a four star luxury resort with an indoor swimming pool and a Jacuzzi on the beach, and with all the facilities you would expect to get.

If you don’t have much money but still want to enjoy some Bora Bora trips, you can avail of the discounted Bora Bora packages available in the online market. at discount rates.

These holiday packages usually include flights to the main Island, stay at one of the luxurious Bora Bora resorts and then transfer back to your home country. The cost of the holiday package depends on the time you stay. It can be from three to fourteen days or longer. However, the duration of the trip is also determined by how luxurious you want the accommodations to be.

You can book these Bora Bora packages online. Make sure you compare various travel sites so that you can get the best deal.