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Warner Robins is a great place to visit, and it’s even better if you know what things there are to do. This blog post will cover 7 things to do in Warner Robins, GA, and why they are worth your time!


things to do in Warner Robins GA

Why visit Warner Robins GA?

Do you need a weekend getaway with plenty of things to do for your family? Do you love meeting new people and traveling? Are you looking to visit beautiful sites, eat good food, and indulge in adrenaline-inducing activities? You’ll find all that and more when traveling Warner Robins.

Warner Robins is home to plenty of amazing things to do, from checking out the museums to going on a boat ride.

Warner Robins has plenty of fun activities for your family that are both educational and engaging! You can learn more about local history with an exploration into aviation history or visit some famous landmarks. There are also plenty of water activities to choose from if you need some excitement in your life!


Museum of Aviation

1.   Museum of Aviation

The Museum of Aviation is in Warner-Robins, Georgia, on Robins Air Force Base. It can be found adjacent to the base and is the second biggest in the United States. It attracts more people than any other attraction in Georgia outside of Atlanta.

The airfield’s collection of aircraft, which spans four exhibition halls and a total of 21 hectares, includes 85 planes from throughout aviation’s first one hundred years.

The museum’s most famous aircraft include B-29 and B-52 bombers, a U-2 espionage plane, and the asymmetrical Cold War veteran Blackbird.

The current record holder for the highest flying speed, at just over 900 mph, is the plane on display. It was made in 1976 and has yet to be surpassed.

The Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame is a museum located in the century-old Hangar at the Museum of Aviation that honors notable people who made important contributions to aviation in Georgia. A Kids’ Zone is also available for children to enjoy in the same area.

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is a must-see for aviation fans and anybody interested in vintage aircraft or American military history. It’s really worth visiting, and it’s an incredible museum.


Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

2.   Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

The park is a historic American Indian site, which was used by many different indigenous groups for millennia. During the Paleo-Indian Era, people arrived here to hunt Ice Age animals. The Mississippian Period began in 900 CE, and individuals built mounds for their elite, some of which still stand today.

Ocmulgee Mounds is one of the region’s best sites to learn more about the history of its indigenous populations, who were driven from their ancestral homes in the 1800s.

It’s most ancient remains date back about 1,000 years and cover more than 17,000 years of South Appalachian Mississippi culture.

The terrain is modified into a series of fortifications trenches, burial mounds, religious mounds, and even a Great Temple structure with grass earthworks.

The Great Temple mound’s top is accessible by a wooden staircase that leads to the summit of the site’s Great Temple mound, providing views over the excavation and surrounding forest.

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The archaeology museum at Ocmulgee National Monument in Georgia displays relics and explains the many cultures of the ancient Native Americans that lived here for thousands of years.

It also interprets the ancient Muscogee Creek people and other settlers who inhabited the area during the colonial period. A brief orientation film is included in the visitor center. Its gift shop sells a variety of crafts as well as books about the park.

The park has 5+1/2 miles (8.9 km) of walking paths and encompasses 702 acres (2.84 km2). A reconstructed ceremonial earthlodge, based on a 1,000-year-old building excavated by archeologists, may be found near the visitor center.

The Great Temple Mound can be reached via a half-mile walk along the park road or by driving down the park road. The historic site of Ocumulgee’s English colonial trading post is also part of the preserve.

The park is about 30 minutes north of Warner Robins, on the outskirts of Macon.


Fountain Park

3.   Fountain Park

Find your way to Fountain Park, which has a public pool where you may unwind and recharge. After the swim, make a picnic lunch while watching your children play in the playground.

The Riverwalk Park is a 3.2 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail in Warner Robins, Georgia, that has a river and is suitable for all abilities. The route is primarily used for walking, hiking, running, and road cycling. Dogs are permitted on this path but must be leashed.

The running/walking path is well-maintained and easy to follow. One-way distance: 30 mins at a moderate speed. On both ends of the route, there is ample parking.

The path is mostly through the woods and a residential neighborhood for a short stretch. Near the Fountain Park entrance, there is a picnic area, volleyball court on the sand, basketball court, and a small playground.

There is also a tiny workout equipment corner on the opposite end. A tranquil, extremely easy daily or weekly path that most people wouldn’t think of as strenuous enough to walk or long enough for cycling.


Historic Depot Row

4.   Historic Depot Row

The site, which was designated as a National Historic Site in 2012, comprises four distinct structures that were previously used as a rail station with divided passenger waiting rooms.

The focal point of Historic Depot Row is the National Historic Site, E.L Greenway Welcome Center Train Depot, which was built in 1892 and houses a restaurant, market, and gift shop. The first structure on campus is the National Historic Site, E.L Greenway Welcome Center Train Depot (1892).

The Georgia Craftsman Center is a National Historic Landmark and has been operating since 1948. You’ll find the Georgia Artisan Center inside, which was built in 1944 and added to the National Register of Historic Places. This one-of-a-kind “Georgia Made, Georgia Grown” souvenir shop is where you’ll want to go.

Today, it is home to a collection of rooms that will pique the interest of anyone interested in regional history. Appropriately, one of the main exhibits is a Southern Railroad caboose – or railway car – which evokes memories for many people. Mildred’s County Store is full of local antiques from each of the city’s seven decades.

The Elberta Depot is home to a little museum that explains the history of the city, rail lines, and ties with the air force base. The Georgia Artisan Center is where you’ll want to go for all your unique Georgia-made souvenirs.

A stop at the Depot Row area is a must-see if you travel to Warner Robins. There are several stories and exhibits about the region’s long history, which you will find throughout the museum.

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Tybee Island

5.   Tybee Island

Georgia has about 110 miles of Atlantic shoreline, and while it isn’t recognized for its beaches outside the United States, it should be noted that Georgia is only north of Florida.

The Tybee light station, which dates back to 1736. The tower is 145 feet tall and includes three Light Keeper’s Cottages nearby. Archaeological finds are displayed in a tiny 1812 Summer Kitchen across the road. An 1899 Military Battery houses the Tybee Island Museum on the other side of the street.

The Euchee tribe, the history of Fort Screven, Tybee’s Golden Age, and more are all topics covered in exhibits. The property is complemented with a yellow raised cottage from the 1900s that displays early Tybee construction.

The island of Tybee is one of 15 barrier islands that dot this stretch of coast. The island has a nearly unbelievable beach that runs long and broad, with clean white sands lapped by warm and mild waves.

Tybee Island has more than five kilometers of public beaches that are popular with families. The island is steeped in history, with Native Americans living on it for millennia.

The five-mile sandy beach on Tybee Island is the island’s main attraction. The quiet North Beach zone and the bustling South Beach region, which includes the Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion, are among the beaches that allow public usage.

Places to visit include the sea life at the Tybee Marine Science Center, as well as the famous lighthouse at the Tybee Island Light Station, if you’re bored of rain or want a change of pace.

Visitors can also go to the historic Fort Screven, which dates to 1736 and is now a museum, as well as the black and white lighthouse, which was built in 1736 and houses a maritime display.

The island of Tybee, which is located in the Savannah River, may be reached via Interstate 16.


Tubman Museum

6.   Tubman Museum

The Tubman Museum, previously known as the “Tubman African American Museum,” is located in Macon, Georgia.

The Tubman Museum is the largest museum in the Southeast dedicated to African-American Art, History, and Culture. Take a journey from Africa to America!

This museum is named for Harriet Tubman, a prominent African-American woman who appears on newer $20 bills. She was a runaway slave who became an important part of the Underground Railroad, which assisted slaves in escaping the Southern United States.

The museum is the most prominent venue for African-American art and culture in the southeast of the United States, with a wide range of historic to contemporary work.

The exhibition halls are decorated with a 17-meter mural that depicts the migration of African-American ancestors from Africa to the New World. Items about George Washington Carver, an early twentieth-century agricultural scientist who was important in the development of biochemistry, are on display.

The Tubman Museum will inspire, educate, and motivate you, whether you’re seeing a collection of African-American artists’ work or learning more about black inventions and discoveries. You will walk away from the Tubman Museum knowledgeable, inspired, and energized. To discover more.


Panola Mountain State Park

7.   Panola Mountain State Park

The park is one of just three National Heritage Areas in the state, and its unique natural beauty and intriguing cultural transformations are what earned it this distinction.

Stockbridge, Georgia’s Panola Mountain is a 100-acre (40 ha) granite monadnock located on the border between Henry and Rockdale counties. The peak rises 260 feet (79 m) above the South River and reaches 946 feet (288 m) above sea level.

The granite outcrop of Mt. Panola is typical of the area. It’s about an hour and a half north of Warner Robins, near Stockbridge. It’s described as a pristine wilderness that has barely changed since Europeans arrived on North American shores.

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The park has a wide variety of walking trails, including an arboretum, meadows, and wooded areas for hikers who want to get some use out of their walking boots. For cyclists, there are also paved routes.

The park’s picnic area is a popular stop for tourists who can relax while the kids play on the playground. Archery, geocaching, orienteering, birding, and tree-climbing programs are all available at the preserve. Bicycling, rollerblading, jogging, and dog-walking are all possible on the paved route.

The park has a number of other activities, including archery, orienteering, and fishing in Lake Alexander.





The city of Warner Robins, GA has a lot to offer for tourists and residents alike. Visitors will be able to find something new every time they visit with all the sights and activities that Warner Robins has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for seashore activities or an escape in nature, there is plenty in this area that can cater to your needs. From Tubman Museum in Macon, Georgia, which was named after Harriet Tubman, who became famous as one of America’s most prominent African-American women during her lifetime; Panola Mountain State Park near Stockbridge, which features granite monadnock Mt. Panola rising 260 feet above sea level; Tybee Island Marine Science Center where visitors can check out the sea life found in Georgia’s coastal waters. Warner Robins GA is a great place to visit for everyone.

There are so many reasons why you need to pay this place a visit, but I just hope that these top seven things will be enough of an incentive for you!


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