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Throughout this edition, we would like to highlight Hawthorne California things to do and Hawthorne California CA reviews. We will discuss its statical data, facts, hotels, and much more. This complete guide will uncover all you need to know about this glorious city, and why to visit.


Hawthorne California CA Review

The city was incorporated in 1922, and Hawthorne currently has a population of approximately 87,000 within its six-mile square area. The city is situated close to Los Angeles Airport and is connected by rail to Los Angeles’s port. Downtown, the San Diego port surrounds the city.

Hawthorne provides easy access to all Southern California and offers various sports, entertainment, mountains, beaches, and more.

Furthermore, the temperatures are always pleasant.

Hawthorne city has a shared vision of creating a great city while building a community that supports the economy to provide a higher quality of life.


Hawthorne California

Where Is Hawthorne California?

You will Find Hawthorne city in Southwestern Los Angeles, California. The area is commonly known as South Bay and holds a population of approximately 87,000.


Hawthorne California to Los Angeles

Suppose you are driving from Los Angeles to Hawthorne City. In that case, the driving time will take approximately 20 minutes. Still, this is due to traffic or time of travel, so you should check accordingly before travel. It will be interesting for you to stop along the way and explore the area. It offers some great restaurants, interesting landscapes, and an abundance of things to do.


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Hawthorne California zip code

The Hawthorne City zip codes are 90250 and 90251 with a total population of 87,000, which include a female population of 44,000 and a male population of 41,000. With family households 20,000, which is the average household size. You will also discover that the city has a diverse population of Hispanics, Hawaiian, and Asians.


Hawthorne California crime rate

In Hawthorne California, the crime rate is fairly low, with the average violent crime totaling 23% and property crime of 35%. The chance to become a victim of crime in this city is 1 in 40 based on FBI crime data. It is one of the safest communities in America.


Best Places to Live in Hawthorne California

The most pleasant months in Hawthorne California, are September, July, and August; you will find that January and February are the least ideal months for a visit.


Hawthorne CA

Is Hawthorne California, a great place to live?

You will find that Hawthorne City is a Nice and friendly environment to live in; it is a city of great neighbors. It is near to most attraction sites in Los Angeles, along with various beaches you can visit. It is a wonderful city to live in, providing excellent schools to attend, near the beach and downtown LA.

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Where can I live if I work in Hawthorne CA?

You can try west of the 405 San Diego Freeway. Torrance to the South, Redondo Beach due West is El Segundo, Manhattan Beach south of El Segundo, and Hermosa Beach. These would be ideal areas if you can afford the budget; if you are working with a budget, try out the North; Westchester is an okay place to live in some of its areas.



Hotels In Hawthorne California

You might be wondering what hotels are on offer during your stay, so let’s take a look at various hotels to find something suitable.


Comfort Inn Cockatoo Near LAX – Hawthorne California

The hotel is situated in the Lax Area of Hawthorne. If you are working with a budget, this 2-star hotel will be ideal. It is near Los Angeles International Airport offering free shuttle services. You will find all the basic facilities you require in the immaculate and friendly hotel. You are also situated close to the California interstate and just minutes from Hollywood Park. This is the ideal hotel if you want to explore the city or surrounding areas.


Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles – Hawthorne California

The hotel is situated in the LAX area in Hawthorne. This 3-star hotel comes highly recommended and has a great location too. The rooms all have air-conditioning, free WIFI and private parking can be arranged. All the rooms are decorated to an exceptional standard. The location is excellent if you want to get out and explore the area.


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Holiday Inn Express Hotel Los Angeles Airport – Hawthorne California

The hotel is located in the LAX area of Hawthorne, which is another 3-star hotel on offer. The hotel boasts a well-equipped fitness center with an outdoor pool and spa pool. The accommodation is just 4 miles from Los Angeles International Airport and offers a free shuttle service. This hotel is ideal for relaxation and is close enough to the other area to explore during your stay.


SpringHill Suites Los Angeles LAX – Hawthorne California

This hotel is located in Hawthorne and close to Manhattan beach. The accommodation is 3-stars and approximately 6.9km from Los Angeles Airport.

The accommodation offers beautifully decorated suites, and its facilities include WIFI, cable tv and more. You will also have a chance to try out their outdoor pool if you need to relax and unwind. You will find plenty of restaurants and amenities close by. This hotel is ideal and offers first-class service to its guest, and is perfect for exploring the area.


Star Helicopter Tours

Things to do in Hawthorn California CA

You will not be at a loss for things to do in Hawthorne California, and we will explore some of the best attractions, events, and entertainment available in this magnificent city. So, let’s dive in and discover what is on offer.


Places to shop

Glenferrie Road offers excellent shopping. Suppose you are looking to kill some time or give yourself a little reward while staying in Hawthorne, including a range of supermarkets, boutique stores, book stores, and more. You will discover that this area in Hawthorne has everything you need to pass the time.


Places to relax

Suppose you want to unwind and seek some escape from all the fun-filled activities and shops. Why not head to Lido Cinemas and see all the latest blockbusters, foreign flicks, and classics. There is also a rooftop bar for you to grab all your favorite drinks and snacks.

Head down to Central Gardens and immerse yourself in lush lawns and beautiful trees. You will also find barbeque facilities on offer.

This is the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle to get in touch with nature and tranquility. So put your feet up for a few hours and enjoy the sunshine.


Hawthorne California Things To Do


Try Out Star Helicopter Tours – Hawthorne California

On this fantastic tour, you will get an ariel view of downtown Los Angeles at sunset. You will also see the various smaller cities, including Hawthorne, which are spread over expansive areas. This is an adventure not to be missed if you’re in the area. You can arrange flights with a range of package offers which will suit most budgets. The company is called start helicopter tours. Based in Hawthorne, they also provide tours in the following regions of Hollywood, the pacific coast, and many other areas.

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Continental Gourmet Market

Visit The Continental Gourmet Market – Hawthorne California

Suppose you enjoy Empanadas, which are made with American spices and other ingredients. In that case, you are in for a treat as this market specializes in specialty foods from Chile, Argentina, and Peru. They offer gourmet sandwiches, delicious soups, and traditional BBQ foods from South America. This is a thriving catering business located on Prairie Avenue in Hawthorne, offering a variety of take-out foods.


Try Out Golf At Westdrift Manhattan Beach

The golf course is located on Parkview Avenue in Manhattan Beach. It offers a spectacular 9-hole course which takes about 1 hr. and 30 minutes to play. It is well manicured with fairways often found on larger courses and provides a great family adventure or unique experience during your visit. The golf in the area is one of its main attractions, and if you want to get the best out of your vacation, you should try it out.


Visit The Old Town Music Hall

You will find it in El Segundo west of Hawthorne. If you are a music lover. You do not want to miss this unique opportunity to visit this old town music hall specializing in classic and silent movies and live music. One of the largest Wurlitzers in the world can be found here. This instrument features thousands of pipes that enhance the movie experience. If you want to visit, you should plan ahead as this is a popular attraction and tends to fill up quickly.


Visit Sand Dune Park

This is situated in Manhattan Beach and is a spectacular sight to see, and holds incredible beauty. It is one of the area’s unique and natural attractions to visit. The largest dune here is approximately 100 feet high and can be reached by a path winding up to the top. This park also includes a playground for children filled with swings, roundabouts, and various climbing structures. This is a landmark you should not miss during your visit and is ideal for viewing a stunning sunset.


Los Angeles Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Discover The Los Angeles Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

While visiting Hawthorne, you don’t want to miss this big bus tour, which is packed with Hollywood’s glitz and glamour as you explore Los Angeles. Sit back and take in the views, discover the history and listen to all the stories behind the city. The tour includes a live guide and a multi-language commenter.


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The Hollywood loop includes views of the Hollywood sign, Chinese theatre, and walk of fame. You can hop off at your leisure, exploring the shopping districts of Rodeo Drive. or take the beach loop and discover sandy beaches and shorelines of Santa Monica. Hop on or hop off at your leisure will you take in all the attractions and sights. If you desire some variety on your trip, then this is perfect.


Go And See The Light Gate

This is an entertaining attraction to visit regardless of your age. It is only unlocked 2 times per year, so if you’re around, you will want to visit. This light gate is a piece of art that has been strategically positioned to attract the sun’s rays two days per year, end of January and the middle of November.


It really is a spectacular sight to see as the light gate glass center illuminates the light in the most vibrant colors. It was dedicated to the city in 2015 and is one of the artistic attractions that you will want to see for a unique and entertaining experience.

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Visit the Beach Boys Monument

It is not a well-known fact, but the beach boys got their start here in Hawthorne, so you will want to see this monument if you are a music lover. This is an official Californian historical landmark. You will undoubtedly experience some of the American pop cultures, so it is worth a visit.


The Santa Monica and Venice Beach Bike Adventure

Go On The Santa Monica and Venice Beach Bike Adventure

This is a great way to see Santa Monica and the historical Venice beach with a guided bike tour. At the same time, you ride through the Santa Monica beach bike path, the third street promenade. You will explore all the sites around Los Angeles, and take in the stunning views of the Californian coast.

While you are in Venice beach, which was the training grounds of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it also houses stunning architecture, graffiti walls, and sculptures. This is an excellent tour for all the family, and you will ride through some spectacular places and sights. This experience will leave you invigorated and inspired.


Visit Randy’s Donuts

In downtown Los Angeles, it is certainly one of the city’s most famous attractions that attract visitors globally. It has been featured in various movies over the years, and it’s not hard to miss, displaying a 30-foot donut right on its roof.

The building is reminiscent of the ’50s. Throughout the year, thousands flock to see it and try out their delicious donuts on offer. While you are in the area, you will want to try out their classically made donuts in their accessible location.




Hawthorne California is such a vibrant city to visit. We hope you have discovered some of the main statistics. Accommodation and things to do in the area, which l am sure you will agree that visiting Hawthorne is a great escape full of exciting things to do.

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