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Pismo Beach is one of the most popular destinations in California. The city offers a variety of Things to Do, including surfing, fishing, and golfing. With many Things to Do In Pismo Beach it can be difficult figuring out which ones are the best for you. That’s why I compiled 12 Things to Do that are ranked as some of the best by locals and tourists alike!

things to do in Pismo Beach

Why You Should Go?

There are many reasons why you would want to visit Pismo Beach, here are just a few of them.

– There are over five miles of unspoiled beaches.

– Pismo Beach has been awarded the best boardwalk in California and is ranked as one of the top ten boardwalks in America!

– The area offers some fantastic wineries to visit, including Shale Oak Winery, Guglielmo Winery & Ranch, Ambrosia Cellars, and Leaping Horse Vineyard. They offer a wide variety – from locally grown wines to those produced out of state and imported for your tasting pleasure.

– You can also enjoy some great golfing at the Pismo Beach Golf Course, Cate School Golf Course, Monarch Dunes & The Links.

– If you’re an ATV fan or would like to try riding the dunes on four wheels why not visit Oceano Sand Sports? They offer rentals and tours of their trails which are located behind Moonstone State Park.

There is so much more that you could do in Pismo Beach; here are just some of the exciting things to do.



12 Exciting Things to Do In Pismo Beach

On your visit to Pismo Beach, you are going to want to experience everything this fantastic destination has to offer. From discovering the butterfly grove to tasting some of the best wines in California, there is a lot to do! Here are our top things you should be sure not to miss when visiting Pismo Beach.


Avila Hot Springs

1.     Avila Hot Springs

At Avila Hot Springs, you will be able to relax in the soothing waters. A variety of activities are available here, including camping and biking trails!

The Avila Hot Springs, which were built as a popular visitor-serving natural attraction, are located in Avila Beach. They have been serving people for well over 100 years and continue to be a popular spot!

– Historic Avila Hot Springs offers today’s visitor’s cabin camping, dry tent camping, RV camping, picnic tables, and BBQ areas.

– The Avila Hot Springs also offers swimming pools heated by the water flowing through their hot mineral springs!  The temperature of the spring is between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round making it an ideal warm soak for any time of day or season.

Santa Margarita’s protected location provides some of the best weather on California’s Central Coast throughout the year. The region is popular for camping and other outdoor activities.


Monarch Butterfly Grove

2.     Monarch Butterfly Grove

Here you can discover Monarch Butterflies that are native to California, as well as Mexico. Monarch butterflies fly from Canada all the way down to Mexico each year during their migration. This particular spot is essential for Monarch Butterflies because they can find safety here in Pismo Beach!

The Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove is one of California’s five locations where more than 50,000 Monarch Butterflies are typically found during Monarch Butterfly season.

The monarch’s colony is found in the limbs of large, magnificent Eucalyptus trees that face a riparian estuary that leads to the Pacific Ocean.

The Monarch Butterfly Grove is located at the mouth of Pismo Creek, where it flows into Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

It is definitely a place that you don’t want to miss when in Pismo Beach. They are open to the public during specific times of year, typically November through February each year depending on weather conditions.

The grove is located within Monarch Grove Sanctuary at Oceano Campground and has an entrance fee that costs $15 per car or $20 for a bus with 15 passengers or more. During this time you will be able to come out here and walk through these trees which house thousands upon thousands of butterflies all clustered together trying to seek shelter from freezing northern winters along California’s central coast region by late October – February every year. It’s definitely something spectacular that I would recommend checking it out!

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Picnic At Eldwayen Ocean Park

3.     Picnic At Eldwayen Ocean Park

Eldwayen Ocean Park is a long, thin park along the bluff in Pismo Beach’s Shell Beach neighborhood. A tiny grass area on a point of land is surrounded by Eucalyptus and pine trees. It stretches for about a quarter of a mile along the edge of Highway One near the mouth of Oceano Creek. This park is a popular spot for locals to hold picnics and barbecues on the weekends!

A stone stairway leads down to a fine sandy beach at this park. Another staircase may be found further north at Vista del Mar Avenue, where kayakers can launch their boats into the ocean.

Eldewayen Ocean Park offers an expansive vista from its central viewing location between Montoria Street and Starfish Drive overlooking sweeping ocean bluffs dotted with tide pools, promising crowds-

Eldwayen Ocean Park is an excellent destination for relaxing with families, friends, and those who want to get away from it all. The park features a quaint restaurant with beautiful ocean views and full bar service. There is also an outdoor patio shaded by palm trees, where you can enjoy drinks while watching planes take off from the nearby airport.


Enjoy A Barbeque At Spyglass Park

4.     Enjoy A Barbeque At Spyglass Park

You can find Spyglass Park in Pismo Beach, CA. It is a nice park that provides visitors with an incredible view of the ocean and it also has plenty of parking space for cars. There are many picnic tables in this area so you can bring your own food to eat while enjoying views of the shoreline.

Spyglass Park is a great place to set up the barbeque and enjoy some family time. There are several picnic tables available, which can be reserved for the day.

Spyglass Park is an architectural marvel that embodies the coastal Southern Californian spirit: slow and low (sometimes). It features a kid’s playground; picnic tables; barbecues; and rugged erosion trails that lead down to a scenic shoreline. Upon reaching this vantage point between land and sea, take care not to get stuck by the rising tide if you venture too close! Located off Spyglass Drive in Shell Beach north of downtown Pismo Beach,


Tastes of the Valleys

5.     Tastes of the Valleys

Tastes of the Valleys is your one-stop-shop for wine. The bar offers full-service tasting if you’re not too sure what type of wine goes best with whatever dish it is that you are preparing. Their wide selection of wines, craft beer, and spirits is sure to offer something for everyone.

From the valley floors to your table, you’ll find a world of wines from around the globe at Tastes of the Valleys. Whether it’s a full-service wine tasting or gift pack that can be shipped anywhere in America, this is one cellar that never runs dry.

they use only the finest methods of aging; whether you are looking for a nice bottle to take home with you or one to share over dinner, Tastes of the Valleys has something that will appeal to every palate. From cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir wines from France’s Burgundy region to zinfandel varietals from California’s Central Coast, there is truly an option for everyone here at this local favorite.

Tastes of The Valleys offers your choice in taste! Whether it be wine tasting by the glass or creating your own custom gift box, they have all bases covered when it comes out finding what best suits you. They also offer beer tastings too. They also have over one thousand wines to try! Tastes of the Valley is a great find for those who have an interest in wine, are looking to create their own bottle or just want to try out some new options.

They also offer fun events which customers can sign up for! They have everything from cheese and chocolate tasting nights that pair well with wines you may not know about. It’s a chance to really explore your palate without having to take any risks yourself. There are so many different kinds of foods out there, it might be hard picking one favorite! Tastes of the Valleys knows this too because they hold monthly pairing classes where everyone can learn more about food and how best it pairs with certain types of wines.


Price Historical Park

6.     Price Historical Park

Experience the history of Pismo Beach through a taste of what life was like—free from technology. Explore the four-acre park with outdoor exhibits and activities showcasing another era for those who enjoy a walk in nature. Located on the Monarch Butterfly Trail, this park is a hidden gem that should not be missed.

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Spend the day with them at Price Historical Park! It’s filled with acres of old-growth forest, hiking trails just off the Pacific Coast Highway, and history that you’ve never seen. Spend some time in their gated community made up of an early 1800s house and bike trail where you’ll see the beautiful landscape for miles around.

As you explore the park, you’ll find a Chumash replica village, Price Anniversary House Museum and the Ortega-Price Adobe. Price Historical Park is one of Pismo’s best attractions!

Don’t miss out on Price Historical Park when you head to California.


Pismo Brewing Company

7.     Pismo Brewing Company

The Pismo Brewing Company needs no introduction. Everyone’s welcome: Families with their children and pets come enjoy their family-friendly patio dining or choose from 13 other taps at their newly renovated bar inside. Whatever flavor satisfies your palate, they have got it right here waiting for you!!

Taste the salty waves of Southern California’s Pismo Beach on your lips with a sunny day full of delicious, hand-crafted beers and root beer floats. Enjoy luscious seafood, fresh local produce, and top notch service while eating at their family-friendly beachside restaurant or on one of two beautiful oceanview patios. Their spacious brewery features an outdoor courtyard with live music on Saturdays in the summer.

Pismo Brewing Company is all about sharing what they love most— good food, good friends, and great brews! There are guided tours and tasting sessions available. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit!


Dinosaur Caves Park

8.     Dinosaur Caves Park

Explore the prehistoric side of Pismo Beach at Dinosaur Caves Park, California’s top destination for outdoor family fun! Visit their fun animal and dinosaur-themed play area. Their large concrete Jurassic friend is fascinating to climb on, with plenty of footpaths through grassy knolls leading you to ocean overlooks. Funky creatures roam through the pathways around this great educational experience disguised as an adventure playground. The park has loads of picnic spaces for gathering your clan under shady trees or in the sun, close by the waves crashing onto the shoreline below. Get ready to blast off into adventure!

The park has all this area has to offer in one location. Inside there are plenty of imaginative play stations designed with dinosaur and animal themes that kids will love, including a fossil bed where they can dig for bones! Outside you’ll find lots of grassy areas, overhangs with scenic views of the ocean, picnic areas if you want to bring lunch or snacks with you on your visit, and free parking when visiting during off-peak hours ($10 outside of off-peak hours). There are also restrooms located near the entrance.


Stroll the Pismo Beach Pier

9.     Stroll the Pismo Beach Pier

The Pismo Beach Pier is an iconic California treasure featuring illuminated seven-foot-tall letters spelling out Pismo Beach. There’s always something to keep everyone entertained here with colorful Central Plaza Playground with an inviting slide that leads right down to the beach below. New parking areas make it easy for authentic Balboa Park-style adventure while maintaining the historic, classic aesthetic of Pismo Beach.

As you stroll down the pier, you will come across many of Pismo’s sea life forms, including crabs and starfish. Stroll along the pier deck where you can spot pelicans diving for fish or simply bask in the California sun cheering on your favorite surfer dude at work.

Pismo Beach Pier is a multifaceted, interactive environment where you can go fishing, take a stroll to enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean and exciting beach community, or ride a kiddie horse. You’ll love watching California’s iconic sunsets from inside The Plaza at Pismo Beach Pier.



Go surfing

10.  Learn to Surf

You may think surfing is just for hardcore surfers, but the truth is there’s a perfect class for you at Surf Academy. With private lessons, group instructions, and extended camps geared towards children, teens and adults alike there isn’t an excuse not to take your skills to next level. Their professional instructors are here so you can find out your limits with their safety precautions. Come join our family on the waves of California!

Surfing is a great family activity, so bundle up your loved ones and head to Surf Academy. You can have a private lesson or take one with another family for an extra special bonding experience. They offer lessons of all levels, from the absolute beginner to seasoned veterans looking to refine their skills under professional guidance.

Their training is geared towards children, teens and adults alike there isn’t an excuse not to take your skills to next level. Their professional instructors are here so you can find out your limits with their safety precautions. Come join the family on the waves of California!

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Hike at Pismo Preserve

11. Hike at Pismo Preserve

Imagine lazy trails through serene oak woodlands, ocean views for miles, rugged ridgelines with quaint huddles of homes at Point Sal. With 10 miles of highway and backcountry adventures waiting to be taken by hikers, bikers, nature lovers, and more.

The Pismo Preserve offers an experience like no other. Whether interested in unwinding on horseback through oak woodlands, hiking along serene coastal ridgelines, or exploring secluded beaches, this 880-acre preserve has all of the scenery you need to enjoy a relaxing day outside. Come for the beauty of the sunrises and coastline views; stay for your active outdoor excitement!


Central Coast Kayaks

12. Central Coast Kayaks, Pismo Beach

You can try out the many variations of kayaks available, they have a large selection, and accessories from the top manufacturers are available at Central Coast Kayaks. During your stay in Ventura County, join one of their guided excursions or camps. Get ready for an unforgettable journey on the ocean waters.

On your next stay in Ventura County, make sure to stop by Central Coast Kayaks where you can peruse their wide selection of kayaks, browse local surf shops for your favorite apparel and accessories, or get involved with a guided excursion to one of the many beaches in the area. Explore pristine coastal environments with professional, certified instructors while taking in views of some of California’s most iconic beaches!

The one-stop-shop for all of your kayaking needs is the Central Coast kyaks. They provide a large selection of paddling equipment and accessories from the top kayak brands. You can also join one of their guided tours or camps to explore local California beaches with professional instructors!

Kayaking is a great family activity that can be enjoyed all year long. It is the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones and explore our beautiful coastline! You could even try out surfing or paddleboarding if you are feeling adventurous.

They offer guided tours where you can go kayaking by yourself, but still have a tour guide available in case of emergencies.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for Central Coast kyaks has something that will fit everyone’s needs including rentals like surfboards, stand up paddleboards, bike rentals, and much more!





If you are looking for an awesome beach vacation this summer, Pismo Beach should definitely be on your list. There are so many fun things to do in the area that we had a hard time narrowing it down to just 12 activities! We hope our list of favorites inspires you and gets you excited about visiting this great California destination soon. Which one will YOU try? Leave us a comment below and let us know which activity is most appealing to you.

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